Disney’s Citizens of Hollywood – Names and Description

The Citizens of Hollywood are the best entertainment at Hollywood Studios. Read this guide to find out more about each Citizen of Hollywood!

When we were looking for more information about the Citizens, like backstories and job descriptions, we found almost nothing on the Internet! So, we’ve done our research and with the help of a friend on Instagram, we give you the ultimate list of every Citizen of Hollywood (2019) including names, pictures, and a description!

If you want to find out more about the Citizens’ shows, times, and locations, head over to this article. Looking for Citizens of Hollywood merchandise? We have Citizen of Hollywood pins for sale in our shop.

Background Information

The Citizens of Hollywood are a collection of actors who portray characters from Hollywood in the year 1947. Also known as “streetmosphere” these characters enhance the theming of the old-Hollywood section of the park. The cast includes directors, police officers, aspiring actors, movie stars, and more. Groups of Citizens come out during varying times of the day to perform skits. These skits generally involve comedy and can also include audience members.

There are about 20 Citizens of Hollywood in 2019. Over the years, the Citizens come and go. There have been many different Citizens who are no longer performing on the streets of Hollywood: to name a few, Francis Floot, Ben Appetit, Vladimir Pooey, Bucky Greenhorn, and Otto Von Bonn Bahn.

Ben Appetit Citizen of Hollywood

Ben Appetit, Former Citizen of Hollywood

Some of the Citizens are regulars, and can be seen in Hollywood most days of the week. Others aren’t around as often and make special appearances on busy days or when they’re needed.

There are three different categories of Citizens today: behind the scenes stars, the Hollywood Police Department, and movie stars. Several years ago there was also the Hollywood Public Works Department but they are no longer around (although Buddy Flowers recently made a surprise appearance).

Buddy Flowers Citizen of Hollywood

Buddy Flowers

Now, we’ll take you through every Citizen of Hollywood  and tell you a little bit about each so you can get to know them! Next time you’re in Hollywood, we highly recommend you take the time to watch one of the Citizens performances, you won’t be disappointed!

Behind the scenes stars:

1. Chloe Canard

Hollywood’s hottest gossip columnist

Chloe Canard, Citizen of Hollywood

Chloe Canard

2. Paige Turner

Assistant to the stars

Paige Turner Citizen of Hollywood

Paige Turner

3. Betty Shambles

New girl in town

Betty Shambles Citizen of Hollywood

Betty Shambles

4. Jack Diamond

Hollywood talent agent

Jack Diamond, Citizen of Hollywood

Jack Diamond, Courtesy of Disney

5. Juan Scenario

Hollywood’s greatest screenwriter

Juan Scenario Citizen of Hollywood

Juan Scenario

6. Mayor Sonny Burbank

Mayor of Hollywood

Sonny Burbank Citizen of Hollywood

Sonny Burbank

7. Wink Wright

Hollywood film critic

Wink Wright Citizen of Hollywood

Wink Wright

8. Oscar Meyer Wiener

Movie director

Oscar Meyer Weiner Citizen of Hollywood

Oscar Meyer Weiner

9. Ace Victory

Stunt man

Ace Victory Citizen of Hollywood

Ace Victory

Hollywood Police Department

1. Officer Percival Peabody

Officer Percival Peabody, Citizen of Hollywood

Officer Percival Peabody, Courtesy of WDW 360

2. Officer William Club

William Club, Citizen of Hollywood

William Club, Courtesy of Capturing Magical Memories

3. Officer Pat Friskem

Officer Pat Friskem Citizen of Hollywood

Officer Pat Friskem

4. Officer Prime Brody

Officer Prime Brody Citizens of Hollywood

Officer Prime Brody

Hollywood’s Stars

1. Dorma Nesmond

Fading movie star (star of the silent films)

Dorma Nesmond Citizen of Hollywood

Dorma Nesmond

2. Dara Vamp

Queen of silver screen and movie star

Dara Vamp, Citizen of Hollywood

Dara Vamp

3. Flora Fiera

Fiery queen of silver screen and movie star

Flora Fiera Citizen of Hollywood

4. Evie Starlight

Blonde bombshell and movie star

Evie Starlight Citizen of Hollywood

Evie Starlight

5. Mimi Kaboom

Leading lady and movie star. Shooting a fabulous film on location right now.

Mimi Kaboom Citizen of Hollywood

6. Phoebe Bizarre

Femme fatale and movie star

Phoebe Bizarre Citizen of Hollywood

Phoebe Bizarre

7. Ginny Vermouth

Movie star

Ginny Vermouth Citizen of Hollywood

Ginny Vermouth

8. Beau Wrangler

Cowboy and western movie star

Beau Wrangler, Citizen of Hollywood

Beau Wrangler, Courtesy of Brenna Wolfe Photography

9. Stone Granite

Movie star

Stone Granite, Citizen of Hollywood

Stone Granite

10. Montgomery “Monty” Dash

Movie star

Montgomery Dash Citizen of Hollywood

Montgomery Dash

We hope this guide helped give you a better idea of who the Citizens are. If you have any questions, additions, or comments, leave them below in the comment field!