Every Citizen of Hollywood from 1989-2020

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Selinda Snow Streetmosphere

The Citizens of Hollywood are some of the most fantastic performers at Hollywood Studios. There have been well over 150 Streetmosphere performers since Disney’s MGM Studios opened performing as movie stars, directors, waitresses, public works employees, screenwriters, rising stars, and more!  We’ve compiled a list of every Citizen of Hollywood there has been since park opening!

If we missed a name, if you have photos to contribute, or if you can identify the character names at the bottom of this article, send us an email at themouselets@gmail.com or leave a comment!

*current performer
‘missing photo


Ace Victory*
Dr. Achilles Heel;
Alberto Dante
Alfie Hitchkick
Officer Aliwicious Jabroni
Officer Amal Bendix
Annie Hannigan


Babs Fabulous
Bambi Dearheart
Beau Wrangler*
Ben Appetit
Betsy Berkley’
Betty Shambles*
Beverly Hills
Billie Hope
Bitsy Mademoiselle
Bubbles L’Amore
Bucky Greenhorn
Bud Dyre’
Buddy Flowers*
Bunny Hop
Officer Butch Jones
Butch Capezio
Buzz Oddman


Cabbie Cal Cabaway
Carl Lewenoski’
Carlotta Diamond
Cecily DeMille’
Dr. Charley Horse’
Charlie B. Farley’
Charles Moore’
Detective Chicago Fast
Cloe Canard*
Coco Chenille
Constance Payne
Cosmo Flynt
Crocker Bassett
Cynthia Bloom


Dainty Debbie
Dainty Donna’
Daley Reels
Daisy Day
Dame Sadie Whimsy
Little Danny O’Shea
Dara Vamp*
Don Knotts
Dottie Buttinski’
Dori Clay’
Dolores Deluca
Dorma Nesmond*
Officer Duncan Donut


Eddie Beacon
Eddie Wilder
Captain Edwynn Sideman
Elmo Grease
Evie Starlight*


Fanny O’Rare
Feather LaRue
Fillmore Buckets
Flavo Fellini
Flora Fiera*
Frances Yardbird
Francis Floot
Frankie Scott Key
Ready Freddy Fiddlesticks
Frederick Lewinoski


Gabby Chatham
Gabrielle Huntington
Gracie Flutterbug’
Ginny Vermouth*
The Great HP
Greta Garbage
Boss Gus Goobleman



Helen Highwater
Holden Hollywood
Holly Woods
Honey Darling
Honey Van Nuys
Hope Fuller
Hubert Hayseed


Ima Fraudian


Jack Diamond*
Jean Normal
Joodie Patooti
Juan Scenario*
Justin Tyme


Kid Rawhide
Kitty Kalico
Kitty LaBrea


Lady LaRue
Laney Comb
Director Lars Olfsen
Lenny Wedbedder’
Lenny Plummer’
LeRoy Small
Officer Leslie Manley’
Lila Divine
Lois Steam
Lucky Starr


Mabel Moon
Madeline Moore
Magnificent Man
Marvin Mediocre’
Mary Malone
Agent Max Stout’
Mercedes Lamont
Mel Rose
Melvin Macheezmo
Mimi Kaboom
Mindolyn Roche
Minerva Lipwhistle
Miss Sunset Boulevard
Mona Loud
Monica Westlake
Montana Smith’
Montgomery Dash*
Monty Metro’
Myna Talent
Myron Sneldenburger


Cabbie Nicky Moto
Cabbie Nigel Fillister
Noah Count


Oscar Meyer Weiner*
Otto Gregor von Aeroflex
Otto von Bohn Bahn
Boss Otto Wren


Paige Turner*
Officer Pat Friskem*
Peggy Dot’
Penelope Anne Precious
Penny Powell’
Officer Percival Peabody*
Perry Blade
Phoebe Bizarre*
Officer Prime Brody*
Priscilla Brattage
Prunella Vine
Polly Wally Doodle


Quinton Loyne-Packard


Officer Ralph Digby
Raven Nevermore
Rico El Bano
Rita Storey
Rena Nevada
Roman Holiday
Sergeant Ronnie McDonnie’
Rosie Truski
Roxie Ordin
Ruby Bottoms’
Ruby Valentine
Rudy Cavort
Ruma Hazit
Boss Rusty Commodes;
Rusty Peterson’


Detective Sam Trowel
Sarah Besque’
The Scent
Selinda Snow
Shelby Mayor
Shortimer Jones
Officer Simon Vincible
Skip To My Loo’
Slick Mick McDaniels
Mayor Sonny Burbank*
Sophie Lipowitz
Sparky Sparks
Stanley Stankowski
Stella Stankowski
Stone Granite*
Suzy Slash’


Tallulah Fruti
Tella Morelle
Tina Foyle
Tony Esque
Tootsie duJour


Venus de Mayo
Viva La Mike Starr
Vivian Dish
Veronica Vanisht
Victoria Throckmorton
Vladimir Pooey


Officer Warren Peace
Mayor Wildred P. Witherspoon’
Officer William Club*
Detective Willie Ketchum
Wink Wright*
Wrench Oddman


Zander Stephano
Zelda Schoop

Unidentified Citizens

Help us identify these Citizens of Hollywood! We do not have their names yet.

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  1. Jan says:

    There for sure was a Stanley that I don’t see listed at all. I interacted with him and his wife at Mickey’s of Hollywood in 2004 when I was a cm. I distinctly remember. Stanley came in the store and was asking me questions. I didn’t realize he was streetmosphere though I should have. The wife character came out of nowhere and started yelling at him for flirting. I was MORTIFIED. I forget the wife’s name though. Her screeching STANLEY is burned into my brain. They were an older couple

  2. C. McNair Wilson says:

    Great sight. You have one (tiny) picture of. the original “Sid Cahuenga” (AL ARASIM), but his name “Sid”. AND there are several. of the original Streetmosphere/Citizens of Hollywood cast who are not pictured.

  3. Linda Landry says:

    Mercedes Lamont!

  4. Paul Vogt says:

    Love the list. Amazing!!
    From 89 there also was Lenny Wedbedder. Assistant to Crocker Bassett ….Film crew
    And Bud Drye boss of the Hollywood public works.
    Thanks for the work that went into this.

  5. Justin says:

    This list is amazing!! Not sure if anybody realized this but Annie Hannigan is Emmy-award winning actress Kathryn Joosten from The West Wing and Desperate Housewives

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