Height Requirement Tool for Walt Disney World in 2020

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WDW Height Requirements

Although Walt Disney World was built for families, there are some height requirements to keep kids and shorter guests safe.

In this article we’re sharing our height requirement tool. Select the guests height from the multiple choice option (in inches) and the tool will automatically show you which rides that guest cannot ride.

Unlike some other theme parks, Walt Disney World strictly enforces their height requirements for the safety of the guest. They are not lenient: if a credit card can fit between the head of the guest and the measuring pole, the child will not be allowed to ride. Children who are close to the height requirement are measured outside of the queue and again before boarding the ride vehicle. The measurement is done with shoes on, unless high heel shoes are being worn (in which case, Cast Members may ask that shoes be removed).

If you child is too short for the ride, ask the cast member for a Rider Switch pass. This allows your group to split into 2 as the first part of the group rides, then you can swap and let the other part of the group ride. Rider Switch allows an adult to always be waiting with the child as the other part of the group rides.

Walt Disney World Height Requirement Tool

Welcome to the Walt Disney World Height Requirement Tool. This tool will help you determine height restrictions for shorter guests traveling to Disney with you. The height requirements for this quiz are current as of August 2019.

What height did you want to search for?
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  1. Taryn says:

    This is FANTASTIC! I will definitely be sharing it with my clients who have kids!

  2. Dawnmarie @ EnjoyingtheDays says:

    The height requirement tool is kind of neat. Yes, I played with it even though everyone in my family is tall enough for eveey ride. Haha. I was a bit surprised that the results showed rides that a person cannot ride rather than rides that they can ride. Do you know if there is a list of rides that cannot be ridden if a person is too tall?

    1. themouselets says:

      Because most rides don’t have a height requirement, the lists would be very long to share all the rides someone could ride. It would make it more likely for someone to miss a ride and think their child could ride it!

      I’m not aware of a list like that – Disney actually doesn’t say if there is a maximum height requirement on any ride. You have to fit into the ride vehicle, so that would be the main limitation.

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