8 Facts about IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth

IllumiNations first premiered in 1999, and had its final show on September 30, 2019. Today we’re sharing 8 final facts about this nighttime spectacular.

IllumiNations first premiered at Epcot in 1999, and had its final show on September 30, 2019. Today we’re sharing honoring this show with 8 facts you didn’t know!

1. World’s First Spherical Video System

The Earth Globe in IllumiNations is the world’s first spherical video display system!

IllumiNations Globe in the daytime

Courtesy of Paul B. Drabek

2. 3 Stories Tall

The Earth Globe is over 3 stories tall and wrapped in over 180,000 light emitting diodes

IllumiNations globe at night

3. 67 Computers run the show

The show needs 67 computers in 40 different locations to synchronize the lights, music, fireworks, and other effects

IllumiNations Epcot

4. the globe photos were not taken by Disney

The pictures on the globe came from National Geographic, Image Bank, Archive Films, custom-shot live footage, and a single 3-D graphic animation

Illuminations pictures on globe

Courtesy of DVC Blog

5. there are Hidden Mirrors on the islands and rooftops

To enhance the look of the lasers, bounce mirrors are hidden on islands and rooftops

Illuminations Lasers

Courtesy of Disney

6. there are 19 regular Torches

The 19 torches around World Showcase Lagoon each represent a century completed in the last two millennia.

IllumiNations Torches

7. and one Unity Torch

The 20th torch, called the Unity torch, represents the world coming together to celebrate the gift of life and land

Unity Torch Illuminations

Courtesy of Orlando ParkStop

8. the control booth is located in Mexico 

The control booth is located at the top of the Mexico Pavilion! Each night “Mexico Control” called MCO to warn planes the show is starting. In the picture below, you can see the control booth window at the top.

IllumiNations Control Booth

Wrapping It Up

Are you sad to see this show go? Or are you excited for the new Epcot Forever show? Let us know in the comments!