About The Mouselets

The Mouselets are three siblings who love Disney. Self-proclaimed Disney experts, we’ve been to the parks every year and love learning new Disney trivia!

Hi! Welcome to our blog. Whether you found us via Instagram, Facebook, Google, or any other way, we are glad you are here! Here’s a little about the Mouselets (to find out more you can check out our About page). We are three siblings, ages 25, 23, and 20 who love all things Disney. We’ve been going to Walt Disney World since we were toddlers and have never missed a year. We’ve also been to Disneyland once and Disneyland Paris twice. We are passionate about the Disney parks, whether it be attractions, characters, news, or history, we love it all!

We started the Mouselets as an Instagram account to post our pictures of the parks with Disney tips, facts, trivia, and news! As our account grew more popular, we realized we needed a place to write longer posts and share a different type of content. We post on our Instagram everyday and encourage you to check it out! We also have a Disney-themed Etsy shop!

We consider ourselves (self-proclaimed) experts of Disney. We know our way around the parks like the back of our hand, and we have ridden every attraction in Disney (test us on that, but we are 99.99% positive!) We stay up to date with all Disney news, and are especially excited for Toy Story Land and the changes coming to Future World in Epcot! We love all the parks for different reasons, but our two favorites have to be Magic Kingdom and Epcot. Each Mouselet loves different lands of the parks and attractions, making for a well-rounded family! Our two parents also love Disney – they come with us on almost every trip!

The Mouselets have started to grow our collection of Disney ears and bows and we love rocking our Disney style in the parks. We are also big pin collectors, each collecting different collections including villains, Beauty and the Beast, license plates, fastpasses, hidden Mickey pins, and more! We are looking forward to writing weekly blog posts about some of our favorite topics. If you have any requests for posts you can fill out our contact form!