An Instagrammmers Guide to Magic Kingdom

This guide takes you through the most Instagrammable spots at Magic Kingdom – from the purple wall at Tomorrowland to the Tiki Room in Adventureland!

This guide breaks down the best Instagram tips and photo spots in Magic Kingdom – from the Purple Wall to the Tiki Room, we cover every spot you need to find!

Magic Kingdom Overview

Magic Kingdom is one of four parks at Walt Disney World. It has five main lands – Main Street USA, Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, Frontierland, and Adventureland. Of the four parks, it’s by far the most popular. It’s popularity comes with some big crowds, especially during school breaks and holidays. This guide will help you find the best, crowd-free spots in the parks!

Main Street USA

Main Street USA is a themed after an early 20th century town in the Midwest. It incorporates light pastel colors, vintage details, and beautiful architecture. Main Street is typically very crowded. A little known fact is that it opens an hour before the park does most morning. Guests can walk around, get breakfast, and shop. They are just confined to the land until rope drop. Take advantage of this tip if you want to get some empty park photos!

As you walk into the park, head up onto the Main Street Train Station. Currently in 2019, the train is not running. However, the train station is still open and you can get some beautiful unique shots from here.

Next, find one of the infamous balloon boys. If it’s after 12, (or there are multiple balloon boys on the street) you can ask to take a photo holding them! If not, use them as a great backdrop.

Walk down Main Street, and head into the Confectionary. Here you’ll find the “Confectionary Wall”, a pink and white striped all just inside of the shop.

As you walk towards the Castle, stop outside of the Starbucks. Grab a photo on Main Street with the Castle as a backdrop. If there are tons of crowds, try to get a lower angle where you are blocking some of the crowd behind you!

Cinderella Castle

The Castle deserves a section of it’s own. It’s the most iconic structure in Walt Disney World. You can take photos in the front, on pathways on either side, and from the back.

In the front of the castle, you’ll find the biggest crowds. To minimize this, wait until just after the Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire, typically on at 10:30, 12:00, and 1:00. The crowds will leave, and you’ll be left with a crowdless photo of you and the castle.

Next, head across the bridge to Tomorrowland, and take a left towards the castle. There’s two great photo spots here. One is by the wishing well on the pathway, with the moat behind you. Take a photo here facing the castle. The second is on the bridge to Tomorrowland.  Pro tip: stand up on the bench and shoot a photo between the two hedges!

On the other side of the castle, across the bridge by Liberty Square, there’s a bench midway across the newly expanded walkway. This is one of the most iconic angles of the castle, and the perfect spot to get a unique photo.


Tomorrowland is themed after an intergalactic spaceport. It features abstract lines, bright colors, and is beautiful during the day and night.

First things first, visit the most famous wall in all of Walt Disney World – the purple wall! It’s located to the side of the Tomorrowland Terrace. There’s sometimes a Photopass photographer stationed here, but if not there’s some good rocks you can prop up a phone or camera on!

Spin around and sit on the rocks. This is a unique  shot with the castle behind you that will set you apart from the basic castle photos.

Next, head over to the Sherbert Wall outside of Mickey’s Star Traders. This is a great wall to grab food as a prop – like the massive Mickey donuts they sell at the Launching Pad.

Head onto the People Mover and have the person across from you take a photo! You can’t beat that lighting.


Fantasyland features your favorite classic movies and characters. It’s the most magical land in the park. You’ll find medieval features, a beautiful Bavarian village, and scenes from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, The Little Mermaid, Dumbo, and Beauty and the BEast.

Head underneath the castle and grab a photo against the castle walls. It’s one of our favorite spots to take photos, because the lighting is good all day long! Then, turn around and grab a photo at the Cinderella fountain.

At the Beast’s Castle, walk onto the bridge that leads to Be Our Guest. You can get a great photo with the castle behind you and no crowds.

Head to Storybook Circus and walk over to the Dumbo rides. One of our favorite photos is with the Dumbo’s flying in the air behind us.

Last stop – the Tangled Restrooms. Take a photo in front of the Tangled Wall. Then, make your way over to the tower and sit on the fence. If you shoot up, you can get a great photo with the tower behind you.

Liberty Square

The smallest land in Magic Kingdom, but still great for photos! It’s themed after a colonial village and has many hidden nooks to grab photos.

Walk through the exit queue of the Haunted Mansion. Here you’ll find two great photo spots – one in front of the Mansion, and one in front of the tombs.


As you walk into the land from Liberty Square, take a right to the path along the water. Grab a photo when the riverboat is docked for one of the most iconic photos you can get of Walt Disney World!

Head to the left side of Splash Mountain. Crowds almost never linger here, meaning you can get a great empty-park photo!


Adventureland is themed after a middle-eastern bazaar combined with a Caribbean village. In the morning it’s typically empty, so it’s the perfect time to grab some photos!

Across from the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse is an adorable little area with two blue pillars. This is one of our favorite photo spots!

Take a photo with the magic carpets in the air! If you head over to the Jungle Cruise side, you can avoid some bad shadows.

Stand on the bench in front of the Tiki Room. The backdrop is gorgeous, and you’ll get a crowd free photo!

Wrapping It Up

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