Can You Book A Genie+ Lightning Lane and an Individual Lightning Lane at the Same Time?

Can you book a Genie+ Lightning Lane and Individual Lightning Lane at the same time? In this article we break it down for you.

When Disney introduced Genie+, it came with many questions. The biggest one being when to book your next Lightning Lane with Genie+. Another one asked frequently is can you book a Lightning Lane with Genie+ at the same time as an Individual Lightning Lane? If you are staying onsite, both of these windows will fall at 7 am (Note this is Walt Disney World specific).

The answer? Yes, you can book both at the same time. These windows will open up at exactly 7 am. This means you have three options:

  1. Book your Genie+ Lightning Lane first, and your Individual Lightning Lane second
  2. Book your Individual Lightning Lane first, and your Genie+ Lightning Lane second
  3. Book both at the same time (you’ll need two phones!)

If you have two adults with two different My Disney Experience accounts, you’ll want to use Option 3. This will give you the best chance to get the Lightning Lanes you want most. Designate one person to book the Individual Lightning Lane for the entire party, and one person to book the Genie+ Lightning Lane for the whole party.

*This information is current as of 1/29/23.