Frequently Asked Questions about Discount Disney Tickets in 2019

Disney allows very few third party ticket suppliers to sell discounted tickets to Disney parks. Today we’re answering your FAQ’s about discount ticket suppliers.

We recently found out that most people visiting Disney buy their tickets directly from Disney, instead of purchasing from discount ticket suppliers. When we asked why, we got a range of answers: I don’t know where to get the tickets, I don’t want to be scammed, or I don’t know enough about it. So, we compiled a list of frequently asked questions about discount Disney tickets, and where we recommend you get them!

How do I purchase discounted tickets?

Discounted tickets can be bought from “Authorized Ticket Sellers”. An Authorized Ticket Seller is a third party that works directly with Disney to sell tickets to the parks. We recommend booking tickets with aRes Travel. They have Walt Disney World, DisneylandUniversal Orlando, and Universal Hollywood tickets for a discounted price. We have personally bought Disneyland tickets from them. They also have a lot of other offerings with other theme parks, aquariums, tours, and more. If you are a member of AAA, you can visit (in person) an office and purchase discount tickets there.

What sites should I avoid buying discounted tickets from?

Never buy tickets from Ebay, Facebook marketplace, or Craigslist, even if they are discounted. Many times these tickets have already been used, or are partially used. If someone used only 5 out of 10 days on their ticket, they cannot give it to someone else. Disney uses a fingerprinting technology that prevents this. The only safe place to buy discounted tickets from is Disney, aRes Travel, Undercover Tourist, or travel agencies like AAA.

All discounted ticket suppliers should have the following image displayed on each ticket selling page. If they do not, we do not recommend purchasing from that website.


Authorized Disney Ticket Seller

Why does Disney let third parties sell discounted tickets?

Discount ticket suppliers, like aRes Travel, buys tickets wholesale directly from Disney and sell them at a slight markup. Because they purchase so many tickets, this is cost effective to both Disney and to the discount ticket supplier.

How do I get the ticket onto the Disney app?

]Tickets purchased from aRes Travel have the exact same benefits as those purchased from Disney. You can easily add your tickets to your MyDisneyExperience account by scanning the digital barcode or typing in the ticket number. Then you can link the tickets from the app to your hotel reservation and MagicBands, just as you would with a ticket bought directly from Disney.

How to load your discount ticket onto My Disney Experience

Are there any benefits from buying tickets directly from Disney?”

Unless Disney is running a promotion for packaged tickets, dining, or hotels, there is no benefit to buying directly from Disney. You will likely pay a higher price for an identical ticket you could get from a discount ticket supplier!

How much are you really saving with discount tickets?

aRes Travel prices include tax and free shipping. Disney’s published prices do not include the 6.5% tax. So, when you are comparing prices be sure you are comparing the end price. aRes Travel conveniently displaces the amount you are saving. For a 4 day park hopper ticket, each person saves $30. For a family of four, that’s the value of a sit-down dinner! [/sc_fs_faq]

4 Day Parkhopper Savings Discount Disney Tickets

August 2019 Savings

Wrapping It Up

We highly recommend booking your tickets, hotels, or packages with aRes Travel!  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via email, social media, or our contact form. Or, you can call aRes Travel at (888) 831-7122 for  questions and to book reservations!

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