A Virtual Disney Escape Room – Escaping Hollywood Studios

We designed our third virtual Disney escape room! Follow the clues and complete tasks to find your way out of Hollywood Studios.

Update: We now have Escape Rooms available for all four Walt Disney World parks, plus other games (including a virtual Haunted Mansion murder mystery!) Check them all out here.

We designed our third virtual escape room called “Escaping Hollywood Studios”. You’re trapped in Hollywood Studios and need to go through each land to find a key and the next clue. When you solve all the clues, you’ll be able to unlock the gate! We set the escape room up as a Google Form with pictures, graphics, and clues included.

You can play the challenging version of the Escape Room here, and the easier version of the Escape Room here, or read below for a few more details!

Which version should I play?

If you’re looking for a quick activity to play on your phone, we recommend the easy version. This version walks you through what items you need, but still is a challenge. You can click through to get multiple hints if you are stuck. We also recommend this version for younger players.

If you’re looking for a true “escape room” experience, we recommend the challenging version. This is best played on a computer, alone or with a group. You’ll need to spend more time one each clue, and there are no hints to start you off. If you get stuck, you can click “I need a hint” to get a hint. This version is meant for more experienced escape room players.


This Escape Room is tailored towards teens and adults. Preteens could play with help from an adult, or by using the hints. The game time is between 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on age of participants. All the clues are provided in the game, you will not need to Google any answers.

This is our most challenging escape room so far. You will need to spend more time on each clue, and may need to rely more heavily on the backpack and the hints. If you are looking for an easier escape room, try out “Escaping Magic Kingdom” first, or play the easier version of the escape room.

Billboard on Hollywood Boulevard Disney

During this game, you’ll go through different scenarios. Your first task is to find the phone extension using a series of hidden details. From there, you’ll travel through different pavilions until you can activate the boat to get out of the park. Below is an example of one of the clues.

Sci Fi Escape Room

This Escape Room is completely free for any type of use, including events and in schools. Good luck escaping!

How to Play With a Group Virtually

If you want to play with a group virtually, we recommend using Zoom. Breakout rooms allow you to split your Zoom meeting in up to 50 separate sessions. The meeting host can choose to split the participants of the meeting into these separate sessions automatically or manually, and can switch between sessions at any time. One participant in each breakout room can share their screen while the group works together to solve the clues.

At any time, the group can return to the main meeting to check in with the host and ask questions.