Flights of Wonder closing

Flights Of Wonder Closing?

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Rumor has it that Flights of Wonder in Disney’s Animal Kingdom might be closing – for good! Our sources tell us that the show will be ending its run on December 31, 2017. According to the official WDW website, there are no shows currently scheduled in 2018, despite the fact that other attractions in the park (such as Finding Nemo The Musical) have showtimes out through February. The theater was recently refurbished, but Disney paused construction and never fully finished replacing the canopy that hangs over the benches. We’ll update this post as more information becomes available!

UPDATE 10/29: Flights Of Wonder Closing

Our sources have confirmed that Flights of Wonder will indeed close on 12/31, and the Caravan Stage will be renovated to host an Animal Kingdom 20th Anniversary Show! (Note: 2018 is Animal Kingdom’s 20th Anniversary year)

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