How to Pin Trade at Walt Disney World with the COVID-19 Regulations

This article walks you through how and where to pin trade at Walt Disney World with the new COVID-19 regulations.

Like many others, pin trading is one of our favorite past times at Walt Disney World. Before COVID-19, guests could pin trade with any cast member who was wearing a lanyard. For the safety of both guests and cast members, Disney has changed how to pin trade in the parks. This article will explain how and where to pin trade while these regulations are in place!

How to Pin Trade

There are pin trading stations at all four Disney parks. When you locate one, wait in line on the social distancing markers. Then, take a pin you want to trade off your lanyard or pin bag. Put it in the box in front of you. You do not need to clean the pin beforehand.

Next, point to the pin you want on the pin board. A cast member will take the pin off and hand it to you. All of the pins on the board have been sanitized.

That’s it! It’s very similar to pin trading in the past, but with a few modifications to make it safer for everyone to involved.

Courtesy of Thrill Geek

Where to Pin Trade

There are pin trading stations all around the parks.

Magic Kingdom

  1. Emporium – closest register to Casey’s Corner
  2. Mickey’s Philharmagic Gift Shop
  3. Momento Mori
  4. Splash Mountain gift shop
  5. Pirates gift shop
  6. Space Mountain gift shop
  7. Photo/camera store by the Mickey meet and greets

Animal Kingdom

  1. Dinoland – Primeval Whirl exit
  2. Discovery Trading Post across from Island Mercantile
  3. Kiosk to the right as you enter Africa after the bridge
  4. Dinoland Gift Store – unconfirmed


  1. Pin Trading Central (under Spaceship Earth) – only available from 3:00-4:00 pm

Hollywood Studios

  1. 5&10 Store on Hollywood Boulevard – available intermittently during the day


Each individual resort has one pin board open for guests and visitors. The boards are typically located in the gift shop and are setup in the same manner as the parks.

how to pin trade with the covid-19 regulations