How to Reinflate your Disney Balloon

Every kid wants to bring their Disney balloon home, but filled balloons aren’t allowed on planes. This article walks you through the steps to deflate and re-inflate your Disney bubble balloon or any other Disney balloon!

Everyone loves the classic Disney balloon sold in the parks. But, for $20 it can be frustrating to only get a week use out of it! And, kids have a hard time understanding why they can’t keep their balloons when the trip is over. Well, we have the solution for you! The Disney balloon with the Mickey shaped balloon inside the “Deco” bubble balloon (the classic balloon you’re probably thinking of) can be reinflated after your trip! Read below to find out how!

If you have any other type of Disney balloons, these can be easily be untied and deflated, then reinflated at any local florist or Party City. The steps below are for the Deco bubble balloons, which are more complicated!

Disney Balloon

Deflate the Balloon

Take it to the Orlando International Airport and Disney will deflate it for you! If you’re flying out of the airport in Orlando, head to Disney’s Earport in the Main Terminal. A cast member there can deflate the balloon for you so it folds up into your luggage. Note that you cannot buy a deflated balloon in the parks, and you cannot bring an inflated balloon onto the plane or through security. This trip can also be done with the Disneyland balloons, but the airports nearby do not deflate the balloons for you.

If you’re not flying out of the airport, you can do this yourself, but be careful as you don’t want to pop the balloon! Cut the cable used to tie the balloon off with a pair of nail clippers. Be careful to hold the bottom of the balloon while doing this. Then, using a straw or your fingers, gently let out the air until the balloons both have no air.

Inflating the Balloon

Inflating the balloon takes technique but can be done by anyone with a helium tank! Check out this video below to see how to reinflate the balloon. Any balloon professional should be able to do this for you, but it’s worth giving a call to your local florist or Party City to ask if they have experience blowing up Deco bubble balloons. We’ve heard some are inexperienced with filling Deco bubble balloons, but if you show them the video many times they will do it for you!

Hold the bottom of both balloons together with your fingers. Then, the first step is adding a small amount of helium to the Deco bubble balloon (the clear balloon). Next, inflate the latex balloon until it is completely full. Then, inflate the rest of the bubble balloon. Twist the bottom of the balloons together, but do not tie them off. Create a double slip knot (shown in the video) and then tie the balloon off with a basic knot.

This second video shows a different technique to tie off the balloon. Go to about 8:30 to see this technique!

Too complicated?

This can be a lot of steps to fill a balloon. It depends if the balloon is worth it to you and your child! If you decide it’s not, pass along some Pixie Dust and give the balloon to another child at the parks! We’ve seen this happen and its guaranteed to make their day! If you are looking for a balloon that is a little simpler to inflate, Disney also has Disney Princess balloons, Disney Up balloons, Star Wars balloons, and more helium balloons!

Disney princess balloons, Disney Up balloon, Disneyland balloon

We hope this tip works for you. If you try out the balloon filling technique, let us know how it works for you! We’ve had it done ourselves at Party City and it’s worked for us!