How To Wait Under An Hour For Flight Of Passage

Flight of Passage can have wait times up to six hours! We’ve mastered the no-wait, no-fastpass trick for FOP to guarantee a wait less than 90 minutes!

After a successful trip to Walt Disney World, we wanted to share some of our tips from the trip, including how we managed to wait less than an hour for Flight of Passage, without a fastpass!

We weren’t staying on property so we couldn’t book our fastpasses until 30 days out, and we were unable to get fastpasses for FOP. We’ve heard many struggle to get them with even 60 days out, but if you keep checking back they may pop up! Of course, a fastpass is the best wait to ensure there is no wait for FOP. But, since it’s guaranteed very few of us can get a fastpass, here’s our tips!

Pandora, AK Morning

What We Did

On the day we rode FOP, Animal Kingdom opened up at 8 a.m. We woke up early, drove to the park, and parked. At 6:30 we were through bag check and waiting outside of the park gates. That was the hardest part, as we had to be up by 5:30. At 7 o’clock the park gates opened for those who wanted to get in line for FOP. It was literally a mad dash to get onto the bridge to Pandora. You can’t run in the parks, but we were all speed walking as fast as possible. This was the most stressful part, but really even if you walk you’ll still be only about 100 people back (for reference, 48 people can ride FOP at a time). We ended up being towards the front of the mass of people, and waited there until 7:25ish.

We got into the line queue and were at the boarding area at 7:30, before the park even opened! The ride was amazing, but more on that later! When we got out, it was only 7:55 and the park still wasn’t open!

Schedule Summary

Wake up: 5:30

Park at AK: 6:25

Bag check: 6:30

Waiting in line… 30 minutes

Dash to Pandora: 7:00

Waiting in line…25 minutes

Enter FOP queue: 7:30

Exit FOP: 7:55

Wrapping it Up

This ride is worth the crazy waits it gets some days! But, with this tip we can (almost) guarantee you won’t have to wait over 90 minutes! If you have any luck with this tip, let us know in the comments!