Imagineer for the Day – Seas Pavilion

We’ve decided to start a new section on our blog, imagineer for the day. We love thinking of new ideas for the parks, ranging from adding lands, adding attractions, or completely changing existing parts of the park. “Imagineer for the day” will take a specific movie, character, ride, genre, land, or park and reimagine it! We have so many ideas that we want to share for the parks that we have thought of (like adding a villains land or a Monster’s Inc door ride). So, let’s get started!

Our topic for the day is reimagining The Seas with Nemo and Friends Pavilion!

Current Pavilion

We always stop in this pavilion at Epcot, and usually ride the Nemo ride. We like this ride (other than the long queue) and think this is a great addition to the pavilion. We also LOVE Turtle Talk with Crush, it’s geared towards kids but you’ll always find the Mouselet’s there! The pavilion has learning areas based on Mr. Ray, a kids playscape, a gift shop, and an aquarium that’s larger than Spaceship Earth! However, we feel the aquarium is understated and less impressive or interesting than it could be. We love seeing the manatees, sea turtles, porpoises, and sting rays. We just wish the tanks had more colors and was updated a bit.

But, have no fear! The Mouselets have an amazing idea for the Seas Pavilion to transform it and allow it to compete with Test Track, Soarin’, and the World Showcase!

Future Plan 

Our future plan for the Seas Pavilion is to turn it into the Marine Institute from Finding Dory! The pavilion would be perfect for this: it already incorporates Finding Nemo and some of the characters. The biggest change would be redoing the exterior of the building! Much of the inside could remain, with the addition of some of the main features of the institute. The aquariums would have colorful coral and plants put in, as long as it would not affect the quality of life of the fish.

Our hopes are changing this pavilion will help revive Future World. It will keep the pavilion focused on learning while enticing visitors with the incorporation of Disney characters.

That’s all we have for Imagineer of the Day today! Let us know what you think of this idea! If you have any requests or ideas you want us to write about, comment them in the comments or fill out our contact form!