Interview with a Walt Disney World Monorail Driver

Recently, we got the chance to interview a Walt Disney World monorail driver! Brandon was lucky enough to get his dream job about a year ago, and gave us insight about the application process, what it’s like to ride a monorail, and talks to us about the rumor that Disney is closing the monorail system!

Interview with Brandon, a WDW Monorail Driver

Mouselets: How long have you been going to Disney?

Brandon: I have been going to Disney World for a while now…about 6 times with my family. The first time I went I fell in love with it [and] I really enjoyed it.

Mouselets: How long have you wanted to work at Disney?

Brandon: I have been wanting to work at Disney since the first time I went there. I said to myself,  “I should I apply for a job here one day so that I never have leave.”

Mouselets: So, what made you decide you wanted to be a monorail driver? It’s definitely a unique job, even for Disney.

Brandon: From the first time I went to Disney I was fascinated by the monorails. I rode them every trip and loved the way they looked, the designs, and always wondered how fast they could go. From that point I decided to apply for a job to be a monorail pilot when I was old enough.

Monorail Driver

A WDW Monorail Driver, Courtesy of the Barbieri Family

Mouselets: What was the application process like?

Brandon: Basically you fill out an application where they ask you your name, where you live, if you have a drivers license, and how old you are. You have to be eighteen to drive them. They also ask where you went to school and what type of college degree you have.

Mouselets: How did you learn how to drive them? Are there any specific rules that might surprise us?

Brandon: You have to take a course about the monorails because different parts of the beams you drive on have different speed limits. The top speed you can go is 40 MPH during park hours. They also ask you to take a eye exam test you make sure your eyes are good enough to drive in the dark as well.

After that, you go with another monorail driver and they show you the controls. They’re a little different now since [Disney] installed an auto pilot system. When you drive them you push the throttle up to the speed you want and it stays that speed for the whole ride. The, when you enter a station it automatically stops by itself.  On the touch screen control panel it shows you the speed you are traveling at and it has a button to open the doors.

Monorail Pilot

Mouselets: What is the best and worst part of the job?

Brandon: The best part of being a monorail pilot is talking to the other monorails pilots and hearing there stories, and also just seeing the tourists reactions when they see the monorail pulling into the station and they wave at you with big smiles.

The worst part is having to work on holidays and weekends.

Mouselets: So, we’ve all heard the rumors. Is Disney taking away the monorail system?

Brandon: No, they are not taking away the monorail system. Disney just spent a lot of money updating the control system. But, there will be some changes along the way to improve safety for the passengers. (Brandon is referring to the incident where a monorail door was left partially open while traveling). One thing most people who ride the Monorails don’t know is that there is a phone in each cab of the monorail so in case of emergency you can contact the pilot. This way, they can communicate what to do and stop the monorail if necessary to address the problem.

Monorail Door Open

Mouselets: Thank you for letting us interview you! We have to say, we are very relieved the monorail system is here to stay, and getting the necessary safety updates!

Wrapping It Up

This is definitely a unique job! We love the monorail and remember the days when you could ride in the front of it. Unfortunately, due to safety concerns, you are now unable to do this. But, we have fond memories of the monorail nonetheless. Disney definitely needs to update the technology and safety features, and expand the lines to other resorts. We hope to see some positive changes coming to the WDW Monorail soon!

Images courtesy of Big Florida Country, Abbie Prime Knits Instagram, and Laughing Place.