A Magic Kingdom Scavenger Hunt: Exploring the Hidden Details of the Park

Embark on an unforgettable adventure amidst the Magic Kingdom! Our captivating Magic Kingdom Scavenger Hunt awaits, inviting you to explore the wonders of the iconic park like never before. Wander through the magical lands, follow the clues, and uncover hidden treasures scattered throughout the lands Best of all, this extraordinary scavenger hunt is yours to experience for free! Bring your family and friends together for a day of thrilling exploration and unforgettable moments in the heart of the happiest place on earth. Let the quest begin!

During our last visit to Magic Kingdom, Mouselet 2 orchestrated an enchanting scavenger hunt that brought endless joy and laughter to the entire family. In this article, we’re excited to share all the details about this thrilling adventure, how to partake in it, and provide you with the necessary resources to embark on this magical journey yourself – and it’s absolutely free! For an immersive experience, you can also watch us in action on our latest YouTube video.

How To Play

  1. Divide the players into two teams and assign a Disney-themed name to each team, like “Team Bruno” and “Team Imagineers”. We chose the Red Team and Blue Team.
  2. Give each team their set of clues for the scavenger hunt. Note that the clues are different so the teams do not follow the same path!
  3. Equip each team with a camera or a phone to document their progress, and assign a team captain to lead and document the journey.
  4. Give each team a set amount of time to complete the scavenger hunt and return to the starting point. (We said just about 2 hours).
  5. Once both teams have completed the scavenger hunt, have them present their findings to the camera, showcasing the answers.
  6. Announce the winning team and award them with a prize – we used the free celebrating buttons from the parks!

The Rules & Play

  1. Each team has 5 clues corresponding to Fantasyland, Adventureland, Liberty Square, Tomorrowland, and Main Street USA. The clues do not say which land they correspond to, the teams must figure it out.
  2. Each team also gets 5 hints that correspond to the clues to help them if they are stuck.
  3. The clues do not involve entering a sit-down restaurant or riding a ride.


We have a scoring spreadsheet set up, but if you prefer to hand calculate it out see below!

  1. +5 points for every clue that is correct (up to 30 points)
  2. (-1) for each hint used (up to -6)
  3. 1 point for each bonus point (up to 10 points)
  4. +5 points for the team that finishes first!

The Links

If you want to play along, we have everything you need saved in a folder on Google Drive!

Let’s Play!


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