Our Favorite Disney Books to Read in 2019

Like Belle from Beauty and the Beast, we absolutely love to read. We’re sharing our favorite fiction books about Disney! If you’re a Disney fan and love to read, we guarantee these books are for you!

This isn’t heard as much these days, but we love to read! Recently, we headed to our local bookstore to look for Disney books. We found three that we absolutely loved – and finished them pretty quickly. So, we reached out to our readers to ask your favorite books! We have read some and have some on our reading list! If you’re like one of our favorite princesses, Belle, we guarantee you’ll love these books!

1. Kingdom Keepers

We’ve loved these books since they first came out. The plot follows the adventures of five teens who are holographic hosts and tour guides for Walt Disney World. At night, they have to battle Disney villains to keep them from taking control of Disney and the world! These books are absolutely amazing: they have different sides of Disney characters, new rides and attractions, and Disney history all incorporated into a story! These books are the perfect read for any age! To check out the series click the picture!

2. Poor Unfortunate Soul: A Tale of the Sea Witch (Villains)

If you love villains, these books are for you! This series shares the stories of your favorite Disney villains (think the movie Malificent, in book form!) The author describes this book as “one account of what might have shaped the sea witch into a detestable and poor unfortunate soul.” They are a must-read if you want a book to keep you entertained! We love the Ursula book, but there are also other villains which are great too! To check out this book and the others in the series click the picture below!

3. Descendants

If you’ve seen the Descendants movies, or if you haven’t, you will love these books! Four of our readers suggested them to us, and we were not disappointed! It’s about the teenage children of some of the most popular Disney villains, and is between a fiction/fantasy book! We are big supporters of reading the books before seeing the movie, and definitely recommend it in this case!