Where to Find Every Mickey-Shaped Food at Walt Disney World

Who doesn’t love Mickey-shaped food on a trip to Walt Disney World? This list is the ultimate guide to ensure that from the iconic Mickey waffles to the lesser known Mickey cinnamon rolls, you grab everything Mickey-shaped that Disney has to offer!

All Disney food is delicious, but Mickey-shaped food is especially yummy! There’s something about that shape that just seems to make everything taste even better. At Disney parks around the world, they have everything from Mickey-shaped hamburgers to Mickey-shaped macarons (and everything in between!) But at Walt Disney World, there are surprisingly only ten true Mickey-shaped foods that can be found throughout the resort.

1. Mickey Bar

Possibly the most iconic Mickey-shaped food, this light dessert is perfect for a mid-afternoon pick-me up. It can be found at most snack carts, located throughout the parks.

Mickey-Shaped Food - Mickey Bar

Photo Courtesy of Elizabeth McClay

2. Ice Cream Sandwich

Are you team Mickey Bar or team Mickey Sandwich? This is a hot debate amongst Disney-lovers. We can’t pick a side, but we know one thing for sure – both are delicious (and both can be found at the Disney snack carts)!

Mickey-Shaped Food - Ice Cream Sandwich

Photo Courtesy of Alexandre Breveglieri

3. Pretzel

A delicious salty snack, this Mickey-shaped food is so filling that when paired with cheese sauce and a dessert, it could even be a meal replacement! Find these tasty treats at pretzel carts throughout the park and select quick service locations.

Mickey-Shaped Food - Pretzel 2

Photo Courtesy of HarshLight

4. Waffle

Breakfast or dessert? Depending on where you are, the iconic Mickey waffle can serve either function. And either way, its delicious! Our favorite spot to snag a Mickey waffle is at Sleepy Hollow, but they can also be found at most sit-down breakfast locations!

By the way, our friend at Oh Sweet Disney has a recipe for the Disney Mickey waffles! Check it out here.

Mickey-Shaped Food - Waffle

Photo Courtesy of きうこ

5. Rice Krispie Treat

Mickey-shaped Rice Krispie treats are available in a variety of coatings and decorations. For the biggest selection on property, check out the Main Street Confectionary!

Mickey-Shaped Food - Rice Krispie

Photo Courtesy Of HarshLight

6. Candy Apple

This stunning Mickey-shaped food is almost too beautiful to eat! We love watching the bakers at the Main Street Confectionary meticulously dip and decorate each apple. Pro tip – ask the cast member to cut it for you. It may not look as pretty, but it’s a lot easier to eat!

Mickey-Shaped Food - Candy Apple

Photo Courtesy Of Loren Javier

7. Cake Pop

These cake pops are available in all the colors of the rainbow, and each is as delicious as the last! You can find them and other sweet treats at the Main Street Confectionary.

Mickey-Shaped Food - Cake Pop

Photo Courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

8. Ice Cream Cone

This subtle Mickey-shaped food is the perfect late night parade snack! It’s available at the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor and is one of our favorites to grab before the fireworks.

Mickey-Shaped Foods - Ice Cream Cone

Photo Courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

9. Cookie

We love chocolate chip cookies – but we especially love giant, Mickey-shaped chocolate chip cookies! From big to small, cookies of all flavors and varieties are available throughout the resort. Check out the Main Street Confectionary for one of the largest selections on property!

Mickey-Shaped Food - Cookie

Photo Courtesy of Disney Food Blog

10. Cinnamon Roll

A Starbucks specialty, this giant Mickey-shaped food is both iconic and delicious. Plus, you get three cinnamon rolls for the price of one!

Mickey-Shaped Food - Cinnamon Roll

Photo Courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

Other Mickey-shaped food pops up throughout the parks from time to time – we’ve seen everything from scones to cupcakes! But these 10 have stood the test of time and are officially park staples. What’s your favorite Mickey-shaped food? Did we miss any? Leave a comment and let us know!