Tips for a Solo Trip to Walt Disney World

There are many reasons you might take a solo trip to Walt Disney World. You might be in the area for work, you might be there for a few hours while you’re family is back at the resort, or you might just want to go alone! It can seem intimidating to be at the parks solo, but with these tips, you’ll feel much more comfortable!

There are many reasons you might take a solo trip to Walt Disney World. You might be in the area for work, you might be there for a few hours while you’re family is back at the resort, or you might just want to go alone! It can seem intimidating to be at the parks solo, but with these tips, you’ll feel much more comfortable!

If you want pictures of yourself…

It can be daunting to ask someone to take your picture, especially when you know everyone in Disney is always on their way to something. There’s a few things you can do to get pictures of yourself without feeling nervous. First off, you can look for someone to take a picture of you. If you see a group with one member left out to take the picture, volunteer to take it! In return, it’ll be easy to ask them to take yours.

Another option is to find a Photopass photographer. They are stationed at popular spots across the parks. They’ll take a picture of you on their camera and scan your MagicBand. This will send the picture straight to your My Disney Experience account. You can also ask them to take a picture for you on your camera or phone, they will always say yes, so don’t be nervous to ask!

Last option is to take a picture of yourself! Now, I know you don’t always want a selfie. I don’t either. So, I got myself a GoPro! GoPro’s are great for so many types of pictures and videos, but they also work great for taking photos of yourself. They have a Fisheye lense, so it doesn’t look like a selfie, and it ends up being a pretty cool picture!

Solo Disney Tips

If you want to go on rides, but don’t want to wait in line by yourself…

Consider a single rider line! There are single rider lines on several rides at Walt Disney World- Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster, Expedition Everest, Test Track, and Smuggler’s Run. If you choose to wait in stand-by, you’ll typically get pulled up quicker and get to cut some of the line so they can fill empty space. Disneyland also has single rider queues on Indiana Jones, Splash Mountain and Matterhorn Bobsleds, Grizzly River Run, Goofy’s Sky School, California Screamin’ and Radiator Springs Racers.

Fastpasses are also significantly easier to get as a party of 1. Book your three before you get to the park (at the 30 day or 60 day mark). Try to book them for mid morning through the afternoon. Then, you’ll be able to get more Fastpasses for other rides!

Note: In 2020, due to the changes at the parks from COVID-19, single rider lines and the Fastpass+ system will not be available.

Single Rider line

If you are nervous to eat alone…

It can feel a little weird to eat alone. If you’re on a longer trip, this is something you’ll have to get used to (it’s not as weird as you think though!). But, on a shorter trip, or just a day alone, you can be strategic with your picks. Consider grabbing something from a quick-service spot, and taking it out of the restaurant. You can find a quiet spot to eat, watch a show, or find a nice bench somewhere and people watch.

A few places that are great for solo diners:

Magic Kingdom – Casey’s (take your food to the hub, or watch the castle show), Peco’s Bill (grab your food and eat outside or watch the parade), or Aunt Polly’s on Tom Sawyer’s Island (grab a rocking chair and just take in the environment).

Hollywood Studios – Woody’s Lunchbox (it has a bunch of tables and it’s outside, so it doesn’t feel as formal as an indoor place), Fairfax Faire (another outdoor dining spot, but this time, grab your food and watch the Citizens of Hollywood at 12:30).

Animal Kingdom – Satuli Canteen (watch the Pandora Rangers, or just take in the sights of this amazing land) and Flame Tree Barbecue (there’s a quiet little seating area in the back with a great view of the Tree of Life).

Epcot – If it’s festival season, grab a few small bites and enjoy them as you walk around the World Showcase Lagoon! A unique part of Epcot is there are so many options, so it’s common to see people eating alone. Our family does it all the time when we all want food from different countries.

Disney Seating Area

If you want some interaction…

As busy as the parks get, it can be lonely being solo! If you want some company, find a cast member to talk to! A great conversation starter is asking to trade pins.  You can also approach a cast member with a pin trading board, or the “floaters” who are standing in front of stores.

Another great option is to meet a character. Sometimes interacting with a princess, a Streetmosphere performer, or Mickey Mouse is all you need to not feel lonely!

Meeting Anastasia and Druszella

If you’re worried you’ll get bored…

Getting bored in the Happiest Place on Earth is still possible, especially if you are alone. If you feel like you’ve been waiting in lines all day, try to do something different. Walk around the parks and look for Hidden Mickey’s (there’s an app and book too), watch a show for a change of pace, or go to the resorts and explore the lobby, shops, and grounds. Here’s some suggestions to do if you feel bored of waiting in lines.

Magic Kingdom – explore Tom Sawyer’s Island, look for Hidden Mickey’s, ride the railroad, watch the Main St performers, ride the monorail to the resorts and explore them, play Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, or take a resort boat to the Wilderness Lodge or Fort Wilderness Campground.

Epcot – Explore the World Showcase. Go inside the shops and explore all the unique items, or try some candy from each country. Drink around the world if that’s your thing, or get a small snack. Watch some of the street performances like Serveur Amusant or the Jeweled Dragon Acrobats.

Hollywood Studios – Watch the Citizens of Hollywood, ride the Skyliner, explore the details in Galaxy’s Edge, get a drink from Baseline Taphouse, or meet characters.

Animal Kingdom – watch the monkeys by Kali River Rapids, walk the Maharajah Jungle Trek, walk the Gorilla Falls trail, explore the paths by the Tree of Life, attend one of the shows, or go to Rafiki’s Planet Watch and take the animation class!

Tree of Life paths

If you are nervous for your safety…

Being alone can be nerve wracking, even in the Happiest Place on Earth. If you share your trips to your Instagram story, or have a Disney following, consider taking the video and saving it, then posting it a few hours later. This way, no one knows exactly where you are in real-time!

If you are nervous about walking back to your hotel room, you can always ask that a Disney cast member accompany you, especially at nighttime (this is for on site resorts only). It can be nerve wracking to be alone, especially as a female, but take comfort in knowing Disney has uniformed security and plain-clothes officers at the parks and all around property.

Disney Security

Courtesy of Disney

Wrapping It Up

Don’t be intimidated by solo trips! It can be so much fun to have the parks to yourself and get to make all the decisions on your own. If you have any more tips, put them in the comments below!