Tips for the Best Photography on Kiliminjaro Safari

The Kiliminjaro Safari is the ride with the best photo opportunities. In this article we share our tips for the best photos on the safari!

The Kiliminjaro Safari may very well be the ride with the best photo opportunities. You can capture the animals doing some pretty amazing things, from a close range. Below find our list of tips for the best photography on the safari!

1. Try to take an outside seat

The outside seats have an unobstructed view of the animals, so if you can, try to grab the outside! The side you sit on will give you a great view of some animals, and a not so great view of others.

Right side – Better view of the savanna, giraffes, zebras

Left side – Elephants, lions, flamingos, cheetahs

2. Switch your camera to sports mode

The animals aren’t posing for pictures, they’re doing their daily routines. If you want to capture some amazing shots, switch your camera into sports mode, or something that has a quick shutter.

3. Take a morning safari

The morning safari is our best tip for those who want to see the animals active and up-close. The animals are naturally more active in the morning, and find shady spots to hide when it gets warmer midday.

4. Don’t overlook the walking trails.

The Maharajeh Jungle Trek and Gorilla Falls both have some amazing photo opportunities, even though you’re on foot. Many people skip these trails, but don’t make this mistake! They’re worth a walk each trip.

5. If you really want some great photos, consider booking a tour. 

Caring for Giants: If you love elephants, this tour is a must-do. This 60 minute experience will give you the chance to talk to animal care experts that look after the African savanna’s elephant herd, and learn more about Disney’s conservation efforts. Plus, you’ll get a great view of the elephants from about 80-100 ft away. This tour is $30 per person.

Savor the Savanna: Tour the savanna on an open-air jeep. This tour takes you to the African savanna section of the Harambe Wildlife Reserve for a more private viewing experience. You’ll also get to some refreshments and appetizers, and drinks for adults. The tour is limited to a maximum of 12 people, and is $169 per person.

Wild Africa Trek: If you are adventurous, this tour is for you. On this tour, you get to walk across a suspension bridge, stand (securely) on a cliff by hippos, and hike through the African savanna. After the excursion, you’ll get to relax at another wildlife viewing platform where some African-inspired snacks will be waiting for you. This tour is between $139-$249 per person.