Tips to Make Your Disney Trip with a Child a Breeze

Disney trips with children can be overwhelming. There’s much more planning involved, but don’t stress. We’ve teamed up with an amazing mom to give you the best tips for planning Disney vacations with kids!

Guest post written by Personal Mouse Shopper. This article is written by a Disneyland park-goer, but if you’re a WDW regular don’t stop reading! Many of these tips apply, and we’ll be sure to add a few WDW tips too!

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1. Pack your bags and double check them the night before.

Traveling with a child is a handful, and requires a bag packed with essentials to get you through the day successfully! So make sure your backpack and diaper bags are packed the night. It will save you time in the morning so you’re not running around trying to get everything you need together, plus it’ll lessen the chance of you forgetting something you may need later in the park. (Anyone every forget your childs favorite toy at the hotel and know the day was going to be hell when they realize? I think we have all been there!)

2. Pack (A LOT) of water.

The park is in the sun, and there isn’t many shady places which means you’ll be spending hours in the sun. If its 70 degrees outside, I promise it’ll feel like 80 because you’ll be in the sun. So make sure you pack a lot of water. It’ll save you a lot of money in the park instead of having to buy a bottle every few hours. Not only will the sun dehydrate you and your child, but it will make them cranky and give you headaches. So it’s better to be prepared with as many water bottles you can figure out how to pack!

Bonus Disneyland tip: California Adventure across from Soarin’ Around The World has a Coca-Cola Freestyle Machine where you can fill your water bottle up for free.

Bonus WDW tip: Club Cool in Epcot is a great spot to get some cold, and free, beverages!

Disney Free Water

3. Utilize the Child Services!

At both Disneyland and California Adventure they have Child Services where you can take your baby to change their diaper, breastfeed, or even take your potty training child to use a special child sized toilet. They also have diapers, wipes, sunscreen, etc. to purchase if you happen to forget something! In Child Services, they have a special breastfeeding room for mothers to go in and breastfeed in the privacy of other mothers for those who aren’t comfortable doing it in public areas as much.

Bonus: Disneylands breastfeeding room is more comfortable because the chairs are plush gliders, where as the one in DCA are just wooden rocking chairs.

Disneyland Baby Care

Courtesy of Undercover Tourist

4. Check the weather and bring a change of clothes.

Remember how I mentioned that it always feels hotter than what the weather says? Well I mean it. If it says it will be 60 degrees, and you think that’s a little chilly so you wanna dress the little one in long sleeves? I would come prepared with a short sleeved packed in your bag because it may feel like 70 degrees when you’re walking around the park in the sun. Same goes for the reverse. If you will be staying for Fireworks, I’d bring a sweatshirt or jacket for them because it does get chilly once the sun goes down.

5. Spritzer fans are your best friend!

If you are going to the parks in the summer, I recommend you bring a spritzer fan. If you don’t have one, get one either aft the parks or before you leave for your vacation. They will help keep your little one (and yourself) cool in the hot sun. Trust me, it will be worth the money when you’re waiting in a long line with no shade. You will thank me later!

*Pro tip: the fans in Disney are overpriced compared to Amazon and CVS! Grab yours before entering the parks, or use our affiliate link to get one off of Amazon by clicking the image below.

6. Find the baby (or toddler) friendly rides.

There are very few rides that babies can get on but if you’re traveling with one, make sure you track them down. Some include: The Little Mermaid, The Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, Jungle Cruise, , the train, Winnie the Pooh, and Its’s a Small World.

Small World

7. Breastfeed on Pirates.

If you’re looking for a place to get out of the sun and breast your child, you can do both of them on The Pirates of The Caribbean! It’s a little known secret that breastfeeding mothers head to this ride to take a moment for themselves. It’s a ride that is air conditioned, long, dark, and a great show while you cool down and give your baby some much needed boob time!

Image result for disneyland pirates of the caribbean ride

8. Use Animation Academy when you need a break.

This is located to the left of California Adventure in Hollywood Land. It is a big air conditioned area where kids can run around, watch whats on the many Screens that will be playing Disney scenes, and you can sit down and relax. It is also where you go to meet Ana and Elsa, and to see Turtle Talk with Crush. You will find other parents sitting around to cool off and take a break as well, while the kids happily entertain themselves or even take naps. Trust me, its all about the air conditioned breaks when you’re traveling with a child in the sun.

Animation Academy

9. Find the best places to breast feed.

While you walk around the park you will notice little areas that are less busy than others, those are the spots you have to remember. You can use them to go off and breastfeed while the others get on a ride or two. One of my favorites is located in California adventure, it’s on the side of Flo’s Diner. It has a beautiful view, it’s in the shade, and its peaceful. So keep your eyes peeled, and find your little space!

Cars land

10. Make at least one meal reservation a day to relax.

I know some people think “we will just eat where we eat when we are hungry.” But I promise, making at least ONE meal reservation a day will be a relief. You will have a set time that you can plan around, and it also gives parents a moment to sit down and be waited on by someone after a long day of running around with kids. You will get to sit down, get some good food, and have someone worry about YOU for a little instead of you having to worry about some little ones. Its not a NECESSITY but it’s definitely a nice thing to look forward to each day.

Wrapping It up

I hope these tips help you have a successful Disney vacation with your little one! Happy baby, happy parents. If you have any tips of your own, please share in the comments so others can see your tips! 


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