We Attended A Disney Vacation Club Sales Presentation: Here’s What It Was Like

We attended a Disney Vacation Club sales presentation (accidentally). Here’s what we learned, and why we are considering buying into Disney Vacation Club.

We travel to Disney frequently, but we never really considered joining the Disney Vacation Club. We heard about it and knew people who did it, but we didn’t think we could get value from it. On our last trip, we walked through the Wilderness Lodge lobby and a DVC cast member asked us if we wanted to see the Copper Creek Cabins – no strings attached. (If you don’t know about these cabins, they are some of Disney’s premier accommodations costing well over $1000 to stay in per night). We jumped on the chance to see them, and waited for a cast member to bring us on a tour.

Only, they didn’t bring us to the cabins. Instead, they brought us into one of their 2 bedroom model suites and sat us at a table and began a DVC presentation. To be clear – they did not force us to do this. We definitely could have spoken up and clarified that we only wanted to see the cabin and we would not have been forced to stay – but our dislike of confrontation and awkward situations kept us there and we listened to the entire presentation without saying a word (we did see the cabins in the end though!).

Here was our experience with the DVC Presentation.

  1. As we walked in, we were offered water or soda from the cast member before we sat down. The room we were in had a table with four chairs and a television screen in front that they did the DVC presentation on
  2. The cast member asked us our knowledge of DVC and our interest in it, if any. The presentation began with a brief introduction as to what Disney Vacation Club is and what resorts are a part of it – including the ability to use points at other resorts across the world through Interval as well as Disney Cruise Line, Vero Beach, and Aulani
  3. The cast member then dove into a deep dive about the point system for Disney Vacation Club. We went over the Point Charts in depth to understand how many points different times of year/length/level of room use. The point tables were distributed to us, but can also be found here.
  4. We had an open dialogue during the conversation and asked many questions (did we think we would have questions? no). Even with uncomfortable questions, the cast member was respectful and was not pushy. They acknowledged that DVC is not meant for everyone – those who don’t book ahead, those who don’t travel to Disney frequently, or those who don’t plan to or want to stay deluxe. They also fielded my questions well about the fears of the annual fees.
  5. The presentation ended with the cast member getting our contact info. They did not push us to buy in that moment, and that was never brought up. It felt informational and nothing like the traditional “pushy timeshare talk”. They did reach out after over email to thank us for our time and ask us if we had any additional questions.

While the presentation wasn’t pushy at all, what we did gain from it was an increased knowledge of DVC and an interest in buying – so their sales pitch did work! We haven’t made a decision yet, but it would be fair to say we would not be considering it if we had not attended the DVC presentation.  Overall, we felt the cast member was very polite and had answers to all our questions – which is a sign of a great salesperson, but also a good cast member. And, he did take us to see the cabins at the end, but we had to ask. It’s possible he didn’t know that we wanted to see the cabins and that’s it, or maybe this is a clever way to bring people in.


DVC Sales Pitch