What Should I Pack for a Disney Park Day?

What should I pack for a Disney park day? This article covers our must-have items to throw in your bag for a long day at the parks.

One question that we’re often asked is, what should I pack for a Disney park day? This article covers our must-have items to throw in your bag or backpack in order to ensure that you’re all ready for a long day at the parks. For a full packing list (that covers ALL items to pack), check out this list from our friends at Undercover Tourist!

What Should I Pack for a Disney Park Day

1. Water Bottle

Buying water at Disney is expensive and a totally unnecessary expense (to see a full list of mistakes that are costing you money, check out our article here!) Instead, bring your own refillable water bottle and fill it up at the filling stations and water fountains found throughout the park. If that makes you nervous, you can also ask any quick service restaurant for a free (yes, free!) cup of water and use that to fill your water bottle.

The water bottle that you choose is totally up to you, but a few of our favorites are the Mono Bottle, which is designed to be a thin rectangle so that it fits easily inside of a women’s purse, or this Brita water bottle, which helps filter out some of the infamous “Florida water” taste that comes from some water fountains!

2. Portable Charger

Disney days require a lot of battery power – from booking Lightning Lanes and accessing PhotoPass to taking your own pictures and videos, the last thing you want is for your phone to die. We highly recommend bringing your own portable charger that can hold multiple charges (for family members or even yourself!), such as this one. However, note that these types of portable chargers can be heavy. An alternative is to pick up a Fuel Rod, which once used, can be exchanged for a new fully charged one at kiosks in the parks for free, unlimited times, FOREVER (more on that here). They don’t hold nearly as much charge as one of the big battery packs but should be able to get your phone up 75% or so, and the unlimited free swap outs is a huge perk! Buy them online before you arrive at the parks to get two for the price of one at Disney.

What Should I Pack for a Disney Park Day: Fuel Rod Station

A Fuel Rod station in Magic Kingdom (image courtesy of WDWNT)

3. Mini Handheld Fan

If you’re traveling to Disney any month other than January or February, this is an absolute must-have to beat the Florida heat. Our favorite is here, but no matter which you choose, we can guarantee you won’t regret it –  you’ll be shocked at how much it helps cool you down! Definitely recommend getting a rechargeable one so that you can use your portable charger if needed. Neck fans like this are also an option and may be better for little ones!

4. Anti-Chafing Gel

If you’re a woman and you’re planning on wearing any non-biker shorts, a skirt, or a dress, this is a must have. You can apply anti-chafing gel between your legs throughout the day to prevent your legs from rubbing together – trust us, it’s a lifesaver!

What Should I Pack for a Disney Park Day: Anti-Chafing Gel

If you’re wearing jean shorts, anti-chafing gel is a must-have!

5. Change of / Extra Clothes

Temperatures in Florida can be variable, so we highly recommend bringing a change of (or extra) clothes! For the hot months, bring a change of clothes (including undergarments) to change into in the late/afternoon evening. A fresh set of clothes feels amazing after a day of being sticky and sweaty! For the cooler months, throw a sweatshirt in your bag to keep you warm during fireworks or other late-night activities.

Bonus Tip: Lockers

Packing all of this items may overload your backpack, especially if you’re carrying items for other family members. We highly recommend utilizing the lockers that are available at the front of each park to hold items that you may not need all day, such as a change of clothes or lunches!