Where Should You Buy Disney Park Tickets?

We recommend buying Disney park tickets from Undercover Tourist – the largest authorized retailer of discount park tickets.

Buying Disney park tickets is a big investment – so you want to make sure that your transaction is secure, while also getting the best price. So where should you buy Disney park tickets? Our number one recommendation is Undercover Tourist – they are the largest authorized retailer of Disney tickets and have the best prices anywhere, plus a 365-day refund/return policy on all tickets.

Want more info? Let’s dive into some Undercover Tourist FAQs:

Why should I purchase my tickets through Undercover Tourist?

Undercover Tourist offers Disney park tickets at discounted rates – they have a best price guarantee, meaning that you won’t find cheaper park tickets ANYWHERE else.

How do the tickets differ from tickets purchased through Disney?

They don’t! Other than price, Undercover Tourist tickets are the EXACT same tickets that you’d purchase directly through Disney – meaning that you get all the same perks.

Are the tickets verified as real?

Yes! Undercover Tourist tickets are NOT resale tickets (which are very risky to purchase). They are one of very few authorized Disney partners who get tickets directly from Disney to sell at a discounted price.

A note about resale tickets – you should NEVER buy tickets resale, meaning buying someone else’s tickets on eBay, Facebook Marketplace, etc. There is no way to guarantee that the tickets have not already been used, or even partially used. This is a common scam and the prices will likely seem too good to be true because they are!

Can I link the tickets to My Disney Experience and my magic band?

Yes! Once you purchase your tickets, you’ll receive a code you can use to add them to My Disney Experience, where they’ll automatically link to your magic band.

Do the tickets come with any additional perks?

Yes! In addition to ALL of the normal perks that Disney tickets include, Undercover Tourist offers a 365-day refund/return policy on all tickets – something that is not available on tickets purchased directly through Disney. So plan your trip with peace of mind, especially in these crazy travel times!

What’s the catch?

There is none! Undercover Tourist has been around for over 20 years and has been our family’s go-to since the early 2000s. They are truly one of the best not-so-hidden gems of the Disney community and have the exact same Disney tickets for less – no catch!

To grab your tickets, visit Undercover Tourist here (and note that they sell more than just Disney tickets – so check them out for Universal, Sea World, and so much more!)