Where to Find the Instagram Disney Walls

Disney walls are the latest trend. We wrote up the directions to the best Instagram walls, and a little about what makes them so special!

If you’re on Instagram, you’ve seen the Disney wall craze! There’s the bubblegum wall, purple wall, blueberry wall, and more, and it can be confusing to know where these walls are. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here’s where to find the most iconic Disney walls in Walt Disney World!

1. Bubblegum Wall

The most famous of the Disney walls is the bubblegum wall. You can find this wall at Epcot outside of Project Tomorrow. If you aren’t sure where this is, Project Tomorrow is the exit area of Spaceship Earth. There are technically two bubblegum walls, one on either side of the pavilion.

2. Blueberry Wall

The blueberry wall is easy to find if you are at the bubblegum wall. Just walk outside of the exit, and you’ll see it! Its the three shade blue wall in the picture below. (You can see the bubblegum wall behind).

Blueberry Wall

3. Toothpaste Wall

The toothpaste wall is another iconic wall at Epcot. You can find it at the Living Seas Pavilion, outside of the queue to the Nemo ride. Walk to the left of the queue entrance towards the Coral Reef Restaurant, and you’ll see it!

Image result for disney toothpaste wall

4. Purple Wall

Moving on to Magic Kingdom, the purple wall is all the rage recently! It’s so popular that Disney recently revamped the wall to be a brighter color and include a Photopass Experience! We are glad to see the wall painted a brighter shade, and the galactic pattern added!

You can find this wall in Tomorrowland, along the walk from Tomorrowland Terrace to the main area of Tomorrowland! If you’re coming across the main Tomorrowland bridge, cross over and make an immediate right and you’ll see it.

Where to find the Purple Wall

5. Carousel of Progress Wall

Sticking with the Tomorrowland theme is the Carousel of Progress wall. This wall is the exterior of the Carousel, which rotates around every five minutes or so. That means there is more than one wall within this wall!

Carousel of Progress wall

6. Fichwa Fellow Wall

Moving onto Animal Kingdom, is the Fichwa Fellow wall. You can find this wall outside of Harambe Market, to the left of the entrance! A fun fact about this wall is that Fichwa actually means hidden in Swahili. That means this wall is actually a hidden Mickey in plain sight!

Fichwa Fellow

7. You are Most Beautiful Wall

Also in Harambe Market is the You are Most Beautiful wall! This wall is many people’s favorite, and definitely is high on our list! If you walk into Harambe Market, walk to the back left corner. You’ll see a cast member only entrance, and on that wall is the You are Most Beautiful wall!

You are Most Beautiful Wall

8. Moss Wall

Head over to Pandora, and you’ll find the Moss Wall! This wall is the newest of the bunch, and you can find it nestled in one of the corners of Pandora! There are many moss walls, and they’re all great backdrops! Let us know where your favorite moss wall is, ours is outside the exit of Flight of Passage!

Moss Wall

Wrapping It Up

Did we miss one of your favorite walls? Let us know in the comments!