4 Disney Podcasts You Need To Listen To

The Mouselets love Disney podcasts and we wanted to share our four favorites with you! Our list includes Mousechat, Mouse and More, ZADD Crew, and Let’s Talk Mouse!

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The Mouselet’s love Disney podcasts. We listen to them while we are driving, getting ready in the morning, or during down-time at work! Disney podcasts help keep Disney in our lives daily, and keep us up to date with Disney news, tips, and facts! Plus, if we can’t be in the parks, at least we get to hear about them!

We wanted to share our four favorite Disney podcasts with you today (in no specific order), some which we’ve listened to for years, and some that are newer to us!

1. Mousechat

This is the podcast we’ve been listening to for years now. There are four hosts: Steve, Lisa, Sharpie, and Lauren and they are so entertaining and informative to listen to! Mousechat describes themselves as a “Disney podcast about everything Disney- parks, cruises, history, and more”. We love listening to this podcast because they keep us up to date with news in the parks and also give opinions and tips from their experiences in the parks.

The podcast is recorded in an informal discussion style, and is guaranteed to keep you entertained! A few fun facts: Mousechatter Lauren got to spend the night in the Cinderella Suite in Cinderella Castle, and Sharpie just adopted three boys to join his family! You will get to know the Mousechatters and feel as if you know them!

Mousechatter Lisa

Mousechatter Lisa, Courtesy of Mousechat

Mousechat podcast can be found in the Podcast app on iPhones and other smart phones, or on their website here! They also have a Facebook group that we are a part of, with Disney tips and discussions! The Mousechatters are also travel agents for Pixie Vacations, and we would recommend them to anyone looking to book a trip!

2. Mouse and More Podcast

This is a new podcast, and we haven’t missed a single episode! There are four hosts: Chris, Liza, Adam, and Mark. They share Disney news, tips, and discuss the Disney parks and cruises! The banter between these four is so much fun to listen to, and they all are full of Disney knowledge to share.

Our favorite episodes so far are the review of Edison and “Our Top 5 Disney Smells”. We love how honest, upbeat, and positive they are! The Disney smells episode was so different than anything we have ever listened to, which we absolutely loved. The Mouse and More Podcast keeps us up to date on Disney news and we love to hear their opinions about all of it too!

You can find the podcast on the Podcast app, or by clicking here. They also have a Facebook page and group with Disney tips, pictures, discussions, and live streams! Mouse and More podcaster Chris is also a travel agent, and has a company called Main Street and More! We would recommend her to all of our readers looking for help planning their next trip!

Mouse and More Podcast, Courtesy of Mouse and More

3. ZADD Crew Podcast

We connected with the ZADD Crew on Instagram, and CJ and Greg are absolutely AMAZING. They share Disney tips, facts, news, and have so much fun on the podcast. One of our favorite parts of this podcast is the games they play, like Keep-Cancel-Repeat! And, CJ does the absolute best impressions we have ever heard. Our favorite is Edna Mode and the Mad Hatter! The ZADD Crew is an incredibly strong community, and one we are so fortunate to be a part of.

You can find more information about the ZADD Crew podcast on their forum or in the Podcast app! And, CJ is now a travel agent! He has a pretty inspiring story, we definitely recommend joining the ZADD Crew and getting to know him! And, be sure to follow him on Instagram because his photography is jaw-dropping.

Zadd Crew

Zadd Crew Podcast, Courtesy of ZADD Crew

4. Let’s Talk Mouse

Last, but certainly not least, is the podcast Let’s Talk Mouse! Let’s Talk Mouse is a podcast about everything Disney, with news, movies, music, parks, fashion and more! One of our favorite parts of this podcast is that we are similarly aged to the podcaster, Alishia, and we connect with a lot of what she says!

Alishia goes to the parks very frequently, and is always up to date with the newest Disney festivals and news! This is a podcast you will love if you want to feel like you’re in the parks! Let’s Talk Mouse podcast is in the Podcast app, and can be found on Soundcloud! Also be sure to follow her on Facebook and Instagram, that’s how we got to know her!

Let’s Talk Mouse Podcast, Courtesy of Let’s Talk Mouse

Wrapping It Up

If you love podcasts, or if you love Disney, you will love these four podcasts! Even if you’ve never listened to a podcast before, we recommend giving these a try! You’ll understand what makes podcasts so great, and keep Disney with you every day!

If you listen to the podcasts let us know, we would love to hear your opinions!