Our Favorite Technology-Free Games To Stay Entertained In Disney Lines

Waiting in line at Disney can get boring! We made a list of our favorite five games we play to keep ourselves entertained during even the longest of waits!

Let’s face it. No one likes to wait in lines at Disney. Sure, they can be fun for the first twenty-thirty minutes, but after that it can be hard to wait! And, lines at Disney can get looooonnnngggg, like hours long (we waited three hours for Flights of Passage). When you can’t get a Fastpass for the ride, how do you entertain yourself? We have six technology-free games we love to play in line to keep ourselves entertained!

1. Keep, Cancel, Redo

This is one of our favorites.  Here’s how you play: there are three options in this game: keep, cancel, redo. You think of three Disney attractions and decide one you want to keep the same, one you want to get rid of completely, and one you want to redo! Here’s an example:

Space Mountain

Astro Orbiter

Tomorrowland Speedway

If we had to choose between these three, we would keep Space Mountain the same, redo Astro Orbiter to become more futuristic, and get rid of the Tomorrowland Speedway (sorry to any fans of this attraction)! This game is so much fun to play, and has unlimited options. We also like to talk about how we will redo the ride!

2. I’m Thinking of an Attraction

Are we the only ones who play this game?? We know Disney so well, that this game is so much fun for  us! Here’s how you play: one person thinks of a ride or attraction in the parks and keeps it to themselves. The other players ask questions to try to guess what it is! Here’s an example:

Mouselet 2 thinks of the ride “It’s A Small World”

Mouselet 1 and 3 ask if it is in Magic Kingdom (yes), Frontierland (no), Fantasyland (yes), does it have music playing? (yes), is it original to the park? (yes) and they keep asking questions until they guess it!

We also like to play this game with Disney characters or movies. If it’s too easy for you (it is for us) we add the rule that you cannot ask location of the ride! This makes it much more difficult.

3. Character Alphabet

This is another one of our favorite games. For this game, you list characters under certain categories from A-Z. The first to not have an answer starts over with a new type of character! (i.e villains, princesses, cartoons, etc). Here’s an example:

The category is Disney princesses and company! Anastasia, Belle, Cinderella, Druzela, at E we can’t think of any more so we start over.

This game is also really fun with Disney attractions, rides, or movies!

4. Disney Categories

In this game you choose a category and take turns naming something that fits in the category! There are so many categories, Disney attractions, extinct attractions, characters, shows, areas of parks, Pixar characters, and more! Here’s an example:

Category is extinct attractions! We switch off naming different attractions. Stitch’s Great Escape, Plaza Swan Boats…until we can’t think of anymore! Whoever can’t think of one gets to start a new category, or is out! Your choice!

5. Design an Attraction

Another one of our favorite games! We love talking about Disney movies and rides that don’t have attractions, but need them! In this game we try to stump each other with a movie or character that doesn’t have a ride, but needs one. One person proposes a question, and the other must brainstorm a ride or attraction to incorporate it into the park! Here’s an example:

The movie is Wall-E, how will you incorporate it into the parks?

Answer: In the Land Pavilion at Epcot they should take away the Lion King show and incorporate a Wall-E show that discusses pollution and taking care of the earth!

6. 99 Blanks Walk Into a Bar

If you’ve watched the Citizens of Hollywood, you know this game. Choose a random object, and make a joke out of it. The joke format is “99 blanks walk into a bar, and the bartender says, we don’t serve you blanks here, get out. And the 99 blanks say….

The answer is usually something punny! Like, 99 pencils walk into a bar, and the bartender says, we don’t serve you pencils here, get out. And the 99 pencils say, alright. (Alright sounds like WRITE, which links to pencils.)