7 Stories That Will Make You Believe in Disney Magic

Disney magic is spread daily in the parks with acts of kindness from cast members, park guests, and even strangers. We’ve asked our friends and followers to share their Disney magic stories with us. These stories are guaranteed to put a smile on your face, and make you believe in Disney magic!

Disney magic is spread daily in the parks with acts of kindness from cast members, park guests, and even strangers. We’ve asked our friends and followers to share their Disney magic stories with us. These stories are guaranteed to put a smile on your face, and make you believe in Disney magic!

Disney Magic

1. Slinky Finds His Way Home

You might have seen this story being spread all over Facebook. We asked Kelly if we could share her story, and she agreed! Kelly and her family returned from the parks last week. On their last night at the parks, they want on her son’s favorite ride: Buzz Lightyear.

After the ride, he got to pick out a souvenir of his choice for being a good listener all day! He chose Slinky dog to match with his Buzz and Woody he got from Santa. The next day, Slinky accompanied the family to the Boardwalk, and accidentally got left on a bench! The family didn’t realize until they were already an hour into their drive.

Kelly tried to buy another Slinky, but saw they were only available in-store. She made a bunch of calls with Disney, to no avail. She told her son that just like when Buzz and Woody lost Andy, Slinky would find his way home to us.

When Kelly got home, she received a call from the Boardwalk that Slinky was found! They offered her free shipping and said Mickey was taking care of it. When the package arrived, you won’t believe the magic Disney created for the family!

Slinky was returned with Woody and Green Soldiers too!

And, he spent the week exploring the Boardwalk with his friends, which Disney included photos of!

To see Kelly’s original post and more photos, click here! This has to be one of the best stories we’ve heard of Disney making magic for their guests!

Gift from Mickey

This story was shared with us by UtopiaMama on Instagram. She has a child with severe ADHD. She said having a child with severe ADHD can be “very exhausting and extremely challenging at times, even in the most happiest of places”. Her family had a few bumps on the trip, but one special cast member named Maddie made their day extra “magical”.

Yesterday, her family entered a shop and Maddie handed her son J a lightsaber and invited him to a duel. She played along so well that she even lied down on the floor after losing the battle to J. After that, she surprised the family and gifted J with his choice of a lightsaber, saying it was a gift from Mickey!

Light Saber and Cast Member

Balloon Rescuer

This story was shared with us by Thru_the_eyes_of_Mickey from Instagram! She caught one of the balloons the cast member was holding because it got loose and was about to fly away. She went up to the cast member and told him that she had caught it, and tried to give it back. He said, “well then it’s yours!”. She has always wanted a balloon that lights up and turns to different colors but thinks $20 is too much balloon even Mickey is on it!

She said she learned a great lesson in honesty and ended up getting an exciting reward. As she said, being honest can mean losing something you want but it’s better to earn it and not take it then not say anything and get it.

Balloon Story

Surprise Visit

This story was shared with us by LaurNelson25 from Instagram. Her husband, daughters, and her were supposed to meet her brother and his girlfriend at the gate. They were so excited and saw them before scanning their bands so they ran up to them. Her brother said “let’s take a picture in front of the monorail sign”. Her and her brother grew up at Disney, so she thought it was weird but he said he wanted to text it to their mom and dad.

They were taking the picture and she felt a tap on her shoulder. She thought someone was offering to take the picture, so she turned around and saw her mom and dad! She screamed, and they screamed, and she describes it as “magic”. They hadn’t all been at the parks together for 17 years. They spent an amazing week at the parks together, and her kids got to do Disney with their grandparents which was very special. And, her dad had just gotten out of the hospital four days before.

Family at Disney

Courtesy of Punch Bug Kids

Making Memories

This story was shared with us by Strawberry_rain13 from Instagram. She said she will always remember her first trip to Disney. She went with her cousin, aunt, grandma, grandpa, mom, and dad. It was a year before her grandpa died from cancer, and the last trip the family took with them. It was so magical for the family to all see the castle and characters together, and to share the memories. Although they’re sad about losing their grandfather, they are happy to have the good memories to look back on.

Grandparents in Disney

Courtesy of Disney Parks

Pandora Exploration

This was shared with us by Catherine at Tresses and Tulle. Catherine and her mom took a trip to Walt Disney World and spent their first day at Animal Kingdom. They saw a huge line snaked around the Tree of Life, and got curious! They asked someone in line what it was for, and they said a selected screening of Pandora! They turned around to leave, but the ladies in line stopped them and asked Catherine and her mom to join them!

Turns out, one of the ladies was a cast member and the other two were former cast members. They had extra guest passes! They were able to go into Pandora before it opened, ride Flights of Passage three times with no wait, and explore the empty land! That’s Disney magic if we’ve ever seen it!

Empty Pandora

Our Story

We wanted to share our own Disney story, a time where we really felt the magic! It’s hard to pick just one, as we’ve had so many amazing experiences in Disney. One sticks out in particular, from our most recent trip.

If you know us, you know we love to goof around! We sing, dance, and joke around in the parks constantly, and have so much fun with it! Our family linked arms and did the walk from Wizard of Oz in Dinoland. We were all laughing and having a great time. It was then that a cast member stopped us and offered us five free fastpasses to any ride in the park! We were so surprised at this gift, and extremely grateful to her for recognizing how much fun our family was having! It’s moments like this that help build the Disney magic in the parks.

Disney Fastpasses

Wrapping It Up

We love hearing these stories! Disney is full of magic, each and every day. We want to hear your Disney magic stories! Comment below for a chance to be featured in our next article!