Mouselet 2 is the middle child of the three Mouselets. She currently lives in Boston working as a civil engineer. She publishes new blog articles weekly and most days, you’ll find her posting on our Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. She’s an avid pin trader and is obsessed with abandoned Disney things, Disney history, and finding Disney secrets in the parks. In 2014, her and a friend went to Mickey’s Backyard BBQ to get a (legal) peak at the remains of River Country through the fence! Find out some more of her favorites below!

Favorite Park: Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, Disneyland Parc (Paris)

Favorite Rides: Splash Mountain, Laugh Floor, Tower of Terror

Favorite Show: Happily Ever After, Citizens of Hollywood

Favorite Character: Chip and Dale

Favorite Princess: Belle and Ariel

Favorite Restaurant: Chef Mickey’s, Via Napoli, Garden Grille, Brown Derby

Favorite Snack: Cheshire Cat Tail

Favorite Season to Visit WDW: Spring (that’s when we always went as kids!)