How to Pin Trade In Walt Disney World In 2023

Pin trading is one of the most popular activities in the parks. With the rise of COVID-19, we saw a major change in the way we pin trade. Cast members no longer wore pin trading lanyards. Instead, a pin board could be found in most lands of the parks. As we leave 2022 and enter 2023, pin trading is again changing.


Pin Trading in 2023

Pin trading no longer has the strict COVID-19 regulations, however we have not seen a full return to the pre-pandemic days. Currently, pin trading in the parks done in two ways:

  1. Primary: Pin trading boards
  2. Secondary: Pin trading lanyards

This is likely the new normal. Less cast members will be wearing lanyards, but more pin boards will be present in the parks and resorts. If you’re looking to pin trade on the boards, ask a cast member in a gift shop where the nearest pin board is. You’ll likely find them in the ‘main’ gift shop of the land, and cast members may have a map of the park with pin boards. Looking for some of the pin boards we’ve found recently? Head here.

Pin Board Outside Disneyland