Imagineer for the Day – Monster’s Inc

Today’s Imagineer for the Day topic is Monster’s Inc, more specifically a rollercoaster based off of the door scene from the movie! This would be the perfect fit for Hollywood Studios.

Today’s Imagineer for the Day topic is Monster’s Inc, more specifically a rollercoaster based off of the door scene from the movie!

We love all things Monster’s Inc. The Laugh Floor at Magic Kingdom is actually one of my, Mouselet 2, favorite attractions! I’ve been dreaming of the day that Disney imagineers create a Monster’s Inc rollercoaster. Since that day hasn’t ever come, I decided to design it myself!

Rollercoaster Details

This scene is begging to become a trackless rollercoaster. Guests would be suspended with their feet dangling down to feel like they are riding on a door with Mike and Sully. On their way, they would fly past other doors, some including Randal on them. This would imitate the great chase scene from the movie.

The ride would resemble Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster in a way. Since you would be traveling at such high speeds, the doors you pass would need to be bright enough to catch your eye as you fly by. Part of this ride could be done using visual effects, like from Flight of Passage, to give the impression you are flying over thousands of doors high up in the air. The main difference between this new ride and FOP or Star Tours is that you would actually be moving.

Ride Logistics

Many of you might think this ride would be the perfect replacement to Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster. It would border the new Toy Story Land, and could be a bridge to add more Pixar movies. However, I love Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster, and this whole area, and would be too sad to see it go!

But, I am still building this ride at Hollywood Studios. Where? I’m hoping in the empty soundstage on the opposite side of Toy Story Mania. This soundstage has been used for many temporary purposes, but does not have a permanent tenant. This attraction would be perfect, though the soundstage may need to be extended.

Alternatively, it could find a home between Toy Story Land and Star Wars Land on the outside edge of the park.

Hollywood Studios Map

This ride would be similar to Crush Coaster at Disneyland Paris. It would also be in a soundstage, and would not detract from the studio vibe of the park, but the inside would be themed completely to Monster’s Inc!

Wrapping It Up

This attraction would be a dream come true! This scene needs an attraction at WDW, and Hollywood Studios would be the perfect fit. A thrill ride would draw more crowds to the park, and with the incorporation of Pixar already it would seamlessly fit in. Do you remember the door scene from Monsters Inc, and do you think it should be an attraction? Let us know in the comments! If you want to be an Imagineer for the Day feel free to reach out to us on our contact form!