Where To Find 100+ Hidden Mickeys At Rafiki’s Planet Watch

Looking for Rafiki’s Planet Watch hidden Mickeys? There are over 100 tucked within the extensive murals. Use this guide to find some of our favorites – including the smallest hidden Mickey on Walt Disney World property!

As frequent park goers, we love hunting for “Hidden Mickeys”, or representations of Mickey Mouse (or occasionally other characters) that are subtly incorporated into the decor at Disney parks. Searching for these hidden gems allows us to see the park in a new light and notice things that we’ve never seen before! Whether you’re a first-time park goer or an old hat, searching for Hidden Mickeys is a fun family activity that can help pass the time in a long line or give your thrill-averse little one something new to do!

On our most recent trip to Animal Kingdom, we went to Rafiki’s Planet Watch for the first time in a number of years. After looking at the various exhibits, we pulled out our Hidden Mickey Guidebook to see if we could find any before we headed back to Harambe. To our surprise, we learned that there are over 100 Hidden Mickeys concealed in the murals pictured below!

Due to the overwhelming number, the authors of our guidebook only listed their favorite two, so we began our own hunt. With the help of an awesome cast member (shoutout to Logan – be sure to ask him for tips if you see him!), we were able to find 34 different Hidden Mickeys throughout the murals, including the smallest Hidden Mickey on WDW property (thanks to Logan for helping us find that one!) See below for pictures – we’ve circled ones that may be a little trickier to spot – and let us know if there are any others that you’ve seen. There are at least 70 more, so we plan to do some more searching on our next trip! Be sure to click on the thumbnails below in order to view the large version.

Mural photo courtesy of Walt Disney World.