Classic Disney Movies that Deserve Attractions

We love seeing how Disney imagineers can turn some of our favorite Disney movies into amazing attractions! From Winnie the Pooh to Beauty and the Beast, many of our favorite characters and movies are featured in attractions. However, some classic movies or characters don’t have attractions at any of the Disney parks. We’ve compiled a list of our top 5 movies that we think need an attraction in Walt Disney World! (and where to see them now).

1. 101 Dalmations

This was one of our favorite Disney movies as kids, and still is! It’s so easy to fall in love with Pongo and Perdita, and Cruella is one of our all-time favorite villains! The movie was released in 1961, which was almost 60 years ago. It was also remade in live-action in 1996, and in 2003 the sequel 101 Dalmatians II: Patch’s London Adventure was released. This movie deserves a ride or attraction in WDW!

We think it could fit well in Fantasyland or in the United Kingdom pavilion at Epcot as the movie is set in London. Our dream attraction would be a dark ride that takes you through the plot of the movie and involves Cruella! Until an attraction is built (we hope) you can see your favorite dogs from the movie at the All-Star Movies Resort!

2. Tangled

So yes, Tangled has an area in Fantasyland at the Tangled rest area. We love this area and are so glad they took away the abandoned skyway and added it! Currently this area has adorable theming including lanterns, signs for the arrest of your favorite villains from the film, and Rapunzel’s tower! However, despite all of this, we think Tangled deserves more. This movie is one of Disney’s top recent animated films, and the music in it is so catchy!

We think the rest area should be extended and incorporate a ride or attraction! Our dream attraction would be some sort of show, either like Beauty and the Beast at Hollywood Studios, or like Mickey’s Philharmagic at Magic Kingdom!

3. Mulan

Mulan is the most underrated princess there is (in our opinion) and this Disney movie deserves an attraction! Her story is amazing: she overcomes gender roles and fights for her country and her family. The music is amazing (anyone else love I’ll Make a Man out of You?) and Mushu is such a lovable character. Mulan deserves to be featured in Fantasyland, or in the China pavilion! Our dream attraction? A boat ride in the China pavilion showcasing Mulan’s story and her culture! It could be similar to how Maelstrom was set up, how Frozen Ever After Is now, or even Pirates of the Caribbean!

If you want to meet Mulan, she is at the China pavilion for Meet and Greets at select hours!

4. Up

Up is Mouselet 1’s favorite Pixar movie. The fact that this film does not have an attraction is so wrong!  Our dream attraction would be a Soarin’ type ride, featuring Carl, Russel, Kevin, and the balloon house. Up could have an attraction in almost all of the parks. It could fit in Animal Kingdom on Discovery Island, a South American pavilion at Epcot (rumors of Brazil or Peru coming), or the Pixar area at Hollywood Studios!

If you want to meet Russell and Dug, head to Discovery Island at Animal Kingdom! Kids can also take part in becoming Wilderness Explorers in the same area. Flights of Wonder is also being replaced with a new show featuring some characters from Up teaching about different types of birds!

5. Wall-E

Another Pixar movie that deserves an attraction. Wall-E is one of the most likeable characters Disney has created! This movie involves outerspace and earth, and would fit in both Epcot and Tomorrowland! Our dream attraction? At Epcot, teaching about protecting the earth and incorporating Wall-E and this futuristic ideals! Potentially something like the old Universe of Energy Ride or replacing the Lion King movie at the Land Pavilion?

Sadly, Wall-E cannot be found at Walt Disney World yet. Many of the shops sell Wall-E merchandise, and Disneyland Paris has a statue of Eve and Wall-E! If that’s not enough reason to check out Disneyland Paris, we don’t know what is! (Just kidding, we think everyone should go here. The food, rides, characters, and everything there is amazing).