Disney Proposal Stories Guaranteed to Make You Swoon

We asked our Instagram followers to share their Disney proposal stories and pictures! These stories are guaranteed to make you swoon.

Have you ever seen a proposal at Disney? Have you ever ridden past the Grand Floridian on the monorail and seen a wedding? We love Disney proposals, weddings, and honeymoons! Nothing puts a bigger smile on our face then seeing a couple wearing the bride and groom Mickey ears (or bride and bride, or groom and groom)! We asked our Instagram followers to share their Disney proposal stories! They’re guaranteed to make you swoon!

The Fireworks Disney Proposal

Submitted by @disneydadbryan

Bryan proposed at Disney in 2008. Him and his (now) wife were staying at the Boardwalk resort with a room overlooking the water, and a great view of Epcot! During the Illuminations firework show his wife was watching from the balcony. Bryan came up behind her with the ring and put his arms around her with the boxed ring resting on the balcony railing in front of her. He whispered if she would marry him in her ears, and she said yes!

Balcony and boardwalk view - Disney proposals

The Small World Disney Proposal

Submitted by @chadvrchy

Her fiancé proposed to her on It’s a Small World with the ring her mom had when she got engaged 45 years ago! She took a gorgeous photo of her ring in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Paris that was actually featured in our first photography contest!

Disneyland Paris proposal

The People Mover Disney Proposal

Submitted by @mils_grace

She got engaged on the People Mover in the Magic Kingdom in September of this year! She had always said she didn’t want to get engaged in front of lots of people because she would get embarrassed. On the first day at he Magic Kingdom, her husband suggested they go on the People Mover first because it had always been their favorite ride to relax on and figure out their park plan.

As soon as the ride started, he sat next to her and got the adventure book from the Up movie (that Carl and Ellie had) out of his bag. He had made it himself and filled it with photos of them, and tons of memories! On the last page was the engagement ring. He got down on one knee while they were on the people moving entering the Space Mountain tunnel (in the dark she was confused for a bit if it was real). When she realized it was she cried the rest of the journey and an adorable couple behind them shouted congratulations!

People Mover Disney Proposal

The Castle Disney Proposal

Submitted by @scoutdoesdisney

On Halloween 2015 her then boyfriend and her planned a trip to go to the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot with some friends. They dressed up like they were French to theme with the country. Before they got to Epcot he suggested they go to Magic Kingdom to see the fall decorations. They then stopped to get a picture in front of the castle. As they found a good spot for a picture he handed the Disney photographer a card that said “I’m going to propose” (she didn’t know it said that at the time). They took some normal pictures first, then all of a sudden her boyfriend got down on one knee and proposed in front of the castle! They then decided to plan their dream Disney wedding, which was small but beautiful!

Castle Disney proposal and Disney wedding

The Resort Disney Proposal

Submitted by @seasonsofdisney71

Tiffany got engaged at Disney on November 24th. Her now fiancé Scott sent her to Starbucks Friday morning and when she came back home she saw him packing luggage for what was supposed to be a Disney day trip. He said he had actually booked them a hotel room, but wouldn’t tell her where yet! When they got to Magic Kingdom the lines at security were very long (it was Thanksgiving weekend). Tiffany suggested they take the walkway to the Polynesian to see the Christmas décor, and after go to the Grand Floridian to get a view of the castle from the beach (she then said, for future reference, it was the perfect proposal spot. Little did she know he had plans to propose that day!)

Minutes later on the beach, he pulled out a ring and got down on one knee. Right after, he surprised her with breakfast at ‘Ohana. They stayed at Port Orleans French quarter, had a sleigh ride at Fort Wilderness, and dinner with their parents at Trails End. Saturday morning they went to Be Our Guest and on Sunday he surprised her with tickets to the Christmas party and Christmas ears from Etsy that she had been wanting!

Disney proposal at Grand Floridian resort

The Wishes Disney Proposal

Submitted by @hollyfloradesigns

On May 4, 2010 her boyfriend at the time and her took a 3-day staycation at WDW (they’re locals, lucky). They booked a room at the Key West Resort. On the day they were going to leave, she noticed her boyfriend Arron was in a rush and insisted htey check in before 4pm to beat the traffic. When they arrived on property, he suggested they check out the shops at the Magic Kingdom resorts. They dropped off their bags in the room, and he realized he forgot to get a map (as locals she was very confused why they needed a map). He took her to a dinner reservation at the Restaurant Citricos and after went to the beach in front of the Polynesian to watch Wishes from across the Seven Seas Lagoon.

As they were sitting on a swing, Arron got down on one knee and proposed to her! After she said yes, they sat together and watched the rest of Wishes. When they got back to the room, she saw he had laid out rose petals on the bed and had a bottle of champagne (that’s why he went to get the “map”). They got married a year later on September 24, 2011 at the Buena Vista Palace across from Disney Springs. Now they’ve been married six years and have a four-year-old who loves Disney as much as they do!

Wishes Disney Proposal

The Splash Mountain Disney Proposal

Submitted by @mouseteens

During Sydney’s Disney College Program experience she was extremely close with her roommates, and they all loved their roles. One of her roommates boyfriends reached out to them saying he wanted to propose on a visit during the program. He chose Frontierland as the location since that’s where his girlfriend worked. Sydney’s roommate and the future brides coworkers started planning the surprise. They let the cast members at Splash Mountain know ahead of time so they would let them stay on the ride for a second loop as a “magical moment”. (Really this was so the future bride would miss the photo they took the first go-around.) Sydney and her roommates were so worried the bridge would catch them lifting or lowering the signs. They lit up when they got all the signs tucked safely into a backpack.

The cast members printed the photo and discreetly gave it to Sydney while the rest of the roommates headed to the bridge to wait for Sydney. When they got to the bridge, the future groom handed the photo to the future bride and the proposal ensued! In typical Disney fashion, they had a photographer there waiting to capture the entire thing. He even did an impromptu engagement session with them and “the team” that helped to pull it off. Sydney said “everyone was so happy and teary eyed….even the guests that stopped to watch!”

Splash Mountain Disney Proposal