Secret Disney Pin Trading Locations at Walt Disney World

Disney pins that you want to trade can be hard to find. We’ve compiled a list of secret Disney pin boards in WDW and our best pin trading tips to help you build and expand your collection.

The Mouselets are huge Disney pin traders. We’ve been collecting since 2002 and have built up our collections to consist of rare pins, cast member lanyard pins, hidden mickey pins, limited edition pins, and more! This past trip we were focused on adding to some of our favorite collections (like our license plates, tickets, and characters) so we seeked out little-known Disney pin boards! We’ll share with you some of our favorite secret pin trading locations at Walt Disney World!

Magic Kingdom

Our favorite pin board at Magic Kingdom was the treasure chest at Agrabah Bazaar in Adventureland, located near the Aladdin Magic Carpets! You have to go up to the desk and ask to see it, but so few people know about it that we were able to get two rare cast member pins from it!

Disney Pin Trading Book Hidden Pin Board

Disney pin treasuer box, rare Disney pin trading

Another fun pin board is the pin oven mitt at the Main Street Confectionary! We will take any excuse to go into the confectionary, and looking for pins was the perfect excuse! We recommend heading here in the early morning to try to get the first pick! There’s also a pin board at several shops in Fantasyland. For more Magic Kingdom pin trading locations, check out this post.


Our favorite pin trading boards at Epcot were the pin stroller, the pin board in Norway, at the Kidcot Stands, and the pin board at the African Outpost. The pin stroller is located near the stroller rental at the front entrance of the park. With so many people excited to start their day at Epcot, many walk past it and don’t notice it! We found some great pins from the stroller, especially early in the morning before they were picked over!

Disney pin stroller at Epcot

The other pin boards we loved were in Norway and the African Outpost. The board in Norway is on a shield outside of the “Meet Elsa and Anna” area. There are many pins on this board, so it’s much easier to find something you like! There is also a pin board at the African Outpost. Many people do not stop in this area, so it’s easier to find some higher value pins! The Kidcot stands at many countries also had pin boards, just go up and ask! Since many young kids stop here, there may be rare pins that aren’t appealing to young ones, but they could be exactly what you’re looking for!

Animal Kingdom

Another great pin location is at the stroller outpost near the entrance of the park! There’s a huge pin board here that has a big variety of pins, especially in the morning. And, on the other side of the park entrance (towards the left) there’s a pin trash can! The cast members here were great, and we each scored a pin from the trash can to add to our collections.

Pin Trash Can

Image courtesy of Disney Food Blog

Hollywood Studios

Our favorite pin board at Hollywood Studios was at the pin trading stand on Sunset Boulevard. It’s actually a pin hat, and it’s sitting right on the register of the pin stand! However, unless you’re buying a pin you wouldn’t notice it there, so we were able to find one pin that we loved, even late in the day!

In the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster gift shop there is a Pin Drum at the photo purchase area. It’s not the biggest, but worth checking since many guests do not know that it is there!

Pin Drum Walt Disney World

Disney Resorts

We had so much fun pin trading at the Disney resorts, even though it was unexpected! At the Animal Kingdom lodge we met King Pin, and he was AMAZING. He was wearing several lanyards, a hat with pins, and had a mystery bag of pins! We each traded two pins with him and got some amazing pins in return. Plus, he was so much fun to talk to and he know the background and history of each pin we got!

King Pin at Animal Kingdom Lodge with Pin Trading Bag, Pin Trading Hat, and Pin Trading Lanyard

Also, at every deluxe resort there is a pin binder behind the desk! You just have to ask for it and the resorts can direct you to where they are. We found some of our favorite pins of the trip from this tip! Some resorts also have pin boards near the gift shops, like the Boardwalk and Yacht Club.

Rare Disney Pin Traders at Boardwalk Resort

Disney Springs

At the huge Disney pin trading post near Ghiradelli’s Chocolate there is an amazing pin board! We were at Disney Springs two days, and one of the busier days it was not available. But, the other day it was there and we found a few pins that we loved. We highly recommend checking out this stand out if you’re looking for new pins or pins to trade!

Pin Trading Tips

1. We buy all of our traders at Disney Outlets! We were able to get 12 pins for 25 dollars, each was only $1.99! We didn’t love the pins, which made them perfect for trading (does anyone else feel guilty trading away pins or is that just us?). We assure you, this is a much better deal than buying individual pins to trade, or buying pins of Ebay or Amazon! (as those pins are many times fake). The only time we recommend purchasing off a website is if the buyer has multiple good review for the pins. For more about fake pins, head to our new article!

2. If you’re in a bind and have to buy in the parks, look for the parks that are 7 pins for $30. This is the best deal you will get on Disney property!

3. To identify pins that come from cast members and are only released to them, look for a small Hidden Mickey symbol! These are some of our favorite pins to collect, and we have a variety of collections of Hidden Mickey pins.

4. All cast members have to trade pins with you, so don’t feel shy to approach them! They just can’t have the same pin on the lanyard twice.

5. If you see pins flipped over on cast members lanyards, these are mystery pins! Sometimes you have to answer trivia to see them, or sometimes it’s a blind trade! We use our traders to take a chance on these pins: if we don’t like them, we just trade them again!

6. The absolute easiest way to trade pins is with the Gopin Pro Pinfolio! You can easily swap pins without dealing with pin backs or bending pages. Find out more here.

Wrapping It Up

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Any other questions? Drop them in the comments, we’re more than happy to help!