Secret Pin Trading Locations at Disneyland

We’ve scouted out the best pin trading locations at Disneyland and California Adventure! Follow this guide to find rare pins all over the parks.

We love pin trading. We’ve been trading at Walt Disney World since 2002, and have built our collections up to over 300 pins each. We recently heard that Disneyland does not have many opportunities to pin trade. However, we completely disagree! Today we’ll share with you some of our favorite secret pin trading locations at Disneyland Resort!


Westward Ho Trading Co

This pin board can be found in the Westward Ho Trading Co in Frontierland. If you don’t see it, ask a cast member! They might know where the board is for the day.

Pin Board Westward Ho Trading Co

Fantasyland Gift Shops

Almost all of the gift shops in Fantasyland had a pin board when we were there. The one pictured was in the gift shop near the Red Rose Tavern.

Pin Board Fantasyland

20th Century Music Company Record Player

This pin board is located in the 20th Century Music Company store on Main Street, USA. As you’re walking in, the store is next to the magic store on your right.

Pin Board Record Player Disneyland

Le Bat en Rouge

This pin board is in the gift shop in New Orleans Square next to Blue Bayou. It was very busy in the shop when we were there, so the pin board as behind the counter. Be sure to ask to see if they have it!

New Orleans Square pin board

California Adventure

Captain America Pin Shield

This pin board tends to move around, but you can typically find it in the gift shop as you exit Guardians of the Galaxy, Mission Breakout!

Captain America Pin Board at California Adventure

Monster’s Inc Pin Board

This pin board is located at the gift stand across from the Monster’s Inc ride at California Adventure!

Pin Board outside of Monsters Inc

Lion King Book Board

This pin board can be found on the World of Color standing area near the Lion King Show.

Pin Board inside of a fake book

Artist’s Palette Pin Board

This pin board can be found in the “Off the Page” store.

Pin Board Artists Palette

Elias and Co Pin Board

This pin board can be found at the main register at the Elias and Co gift shop. If it’s not out, be sure to ask a cast member! It might be at a different register for the day.

Pin Board in a frame at California Adventure

Grizzly Peak Pin Bear

This pin bear was at the gift shop across from Soarin’ at Grizzly Peak!

Pin Board by Soarin

Downtown Disney and resorts

Downtown Disney is a great spot to do pin trading if you aren’t entering the parks that day! In terms of pin boards, only some of the official “Disney” stores have pin boards. That means you won’t find a pin board in a store like Pandora Jewelry, but you might find one in World of Disney! The pin board pictured below was at a small souvenir stand outside the parks.

You also might have luck at the on-property resorts. At the front desk, ask the cast members if they have a pin board! Typically the concierge can bring out a pin book.

Pin Board Outside Disneyland

Pin Trading Tips

1. We buy all of our traders at Disney Outlets and were able to get 12 pins for 25 dollars. That means each was only $1.99! We didn’t love the pins, which made them perfect for trading (does anyone else feel guilty trading away pins or is that just us?). We assure you, this is a much better deal than buying individual pins to trade, or buying pins of Ebay or Amazon! (as those pins are many times fake). The only time we recommend purchasing off a website is if the buyer has multiple good review for the pins. For more about fake pins, head to our new article!

2. If you’re in a bind and have to buy in the parks, look for the parks that are 7 pins for $30. This is the best deal you will get on Disney property!

3. To identify pins that come from cast members and are only released to them, look for a small Hidden Mickey symbol! These are some of our favorite pins to collect, and we have a variety of collections of Hidden Mickey pins.

4. All cast members have to trade pins with you, so don’t feel shy to approach them! They just can’t have the same pin on the lanyard twice. Read more about how to pin trade here. 

5. If you see pins flipped over on cast members lanyards, these are mystery pins! Sometimes you have to answer trivia to see them, or sometimes it’s a blind trade! We use our traders to take a chance on these pins: if we don’t like them, we just trade them again!

6. The absolute easiest way to trade pins is with the Gopin Pro Pinfolio! You can easily swap pins without dealing with pin backs or bending pages. Find out more here.

Wrapping It Up

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Any other questions? Drop them in the comments, we’re more than happy to help!

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